Sex Offenders (1965 book)

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Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types
Sex Offenders, An Analysis of Types.jpg
Authors Paul Gebhard, John Gagnon, Wardell Pomeroy, and Cornelia Christenson
Country United States
Language English
Subject Sex offenders
Publisher Harper and Row
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 923

Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Types is a 1965 book about sex offenders by the anthropologist Paul Gebhard, the sociologist John Gagnon, the sexologist Wardell Pomeroy, and Cornelia Christenson. It was a publication of the Institute for Sex Research.[1][2]


Pomeroy writes that Sex Offenders was an "enormous and definitive volume" and that it met with good reviews.[1] The child psychiatrist Robert Coles reviewed Sex Offenders in The New Republic.[3] The book received a notice in the Harvard Law Review.[4]



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