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A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of harness designed to allow sexual intercourse while a partner is suspended while the other moves freely. Though there is considerable variety in the exact specifications, the most common sex swings have a support for the back, another for the buttocks and stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted whilst the user is suspended.

There are the following types of swings: traditional swing, door swing and body swing. Body swing uses one partner's body as a swing stand. The door swing is mounted on the door that holds up to 200 pounds (91 kg) of weight.[1] None of these swings require drilling a hole in the ceiling, which makes them easier to use. There is also the modern fantasy swing which uses an eyebolt in the ceiling.


Hammock-style sling for sexual activity

Purpose-designed and constructed slings are also used for sexual activities. These may be made from nylon webbing, heavy canvas, leather, neoprene, heavy rubber, even wood or steel. In general, these sex slings are intended to give free access to the genitalia, perineum, buttocks, and perianal areas while supporting the passive (receptive) partner in a comfortable position with the hips flexed and allowing him or her to fully relax. Sex slings are hung from special frames or eyebolts in the ceiling of a room or even from doorframes, depending on the design and the weight of the occupant.

There are two fundamentally different designs for sex slings, one with two variants. The most common (illustrated) is similar to a hammock and holds the receptive partner in a supine (back down) position. A variant of the hammock style is a hanging platform of wood or metal, padded for comfort. The hanging platform differs from the hammock style in that, being rigid, the receptive partner's back is straight, rather than bowed.

Both the hammock and hanging platform designs are often equipped with loops or stirrups to hold the ankles or calves up without the requiring exertion by the receptive partner. This allows the receptive partner's hips to be flexed without exertion, improving access to the areas of interest.

Hammock-style slings vary in the number of suspension points from three (two at the hips and one at the head), to four (two at the hips and two at the shoulders), to five (two each at hips and shoulders, plus one at the head). The functional difference between these variants lies in the stability of the sling when in use: the more suspension points, the less movement. Note, however, that many users of slings prefer that they be able to move.

Hammock-style slings also vary in their construction, some being a coarser or finer mesh, others of open strap work, others single pieces of material.

Another sling design is the sit sling, which holds the receptive partner upright, rather than supine. Sit slings take most of the body's weight via large padded loops around the thighs, or some similar arrangement. These sit sling style sex swings are commonly mounted from a single point either directly to the ceiling or a free standing sex swing stand. Another style of sit sling is hung over a closed door as its primary installation. These door swings offer quicker installation and lower cost and the expense of giving up some flexibility.


The main purpose of sex swings is to make intercourse more exciting and effortless. A sex swing may allow for great freedom of movement during intercourse, or unique sexual positions. Sex swings may also allow for increased sexual experiences for the disabled by using a hoist.[2]

Not all uses of sex slings can be considered kinky. Individuals with muscular weakness or arthritis use them so as to enjoy sexual activity without undue strain on their weak muscles or affected joints. Slings may be used for both vaginal and anal intercourse, fellatio, and cunnilingus.


It is important to follow the instructions included in the instruction manual when using a sex swing. Additionally, due to the shock and impact force caused by rapid deceleration when bouncing in a sex swing, even a well mounted hook can break free. It is important to use the spring included with the swing to reduce this impact force on the ceiling mount of free standing swing stand.[3]

Swings with multiple mounting points such as a dual hook swing or a 4 point sling can increase safety by reducing the load on each mounting point and by eliminating the need for an overhead spreader bar that can cause injury if mounting point failure were to occur.