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Sex trafficking in Singapore is human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and slavery that occurs in the Republic of Singapore. Singapore is primarily a destination country for sexually trafficked persons.

Sex trafficking victims in the country are from all ethnic groups in Singapore and foreigners.[1] Singaporean citizens and foreigners, primarily women and girls, have been deceived,[2][3][4][1] threatened,[4] and forced into prostitution[3][5][6] and unfree labour.[3] They are often forced to wear revealing clothing and high heels.[2] Many come from poverty and have little education.[3][5] Perpetrators confiscate their passports[4] and other documents[1] and guard or lock-up the women and girls.[3] Some force them to sign phony contracts in a foreign language they cannot read.[3] Sex trafficked victims experience physically and psychologically trauma.[2][5] Abuse is prevalent[4][5] and they contract sexually transmitted diseases from rapes without condoms.[1] Malnutrition and food deprivation also occur.[1] A number have depression[4] and suicidal thoughts because of the trauma.[6] Some are coerced to become sex traffickers themselves.[5]

Sex trafficking and exploitation is pervasive throughout all levels of Singaporean society. Male and female perpetrators in Singapore come from diverse backgrounds. A number of traffickers are members of or facilitated by criminal syndicates and gangs.[7][5] Perpetrators are increasingly using websites and messaging apps to lure victims.[3]

The government of Singapore has been criticised for not having adequate victim protection efforts.[1]

Hagar International carries out anti-sex trafficking efforts in Singapore.[6]


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