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Sexie (Eddie Izzard).jpg
Video by Eddie Izzard
Released 26 November 2003
Recorded Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Genre Stand-up comedy
Length 97 minutes
Label Universal Pictures
Director Declan Lowney
Eddie Izzard chronology

Sexie is the name of the 2003 tour by Eddie Izzard. The tour covered Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Topics covered on this tour include transvestitism, aeroplanes, superheroes, Greek mythology, the planet Mars, the emergency services, sharks, human evolution, dentists, firemen, horses, and the "Baguetti Western" Blueberry in which he starred as a German cowboy. As an encore, Eddie does his most recent "bad impression", Christopher Walken.

The show was released on VHS and DVD on 26 November 2003 (a month before the end of the tour). This performance was recorded in Eastbourne, England (where his grandfather and father were born and where he went to school) at the start of the tour.

Live from Wembley is another recording from this tour and is sold on iTunes.

The BBFC gave Sexie a '15' rating.

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