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Sexion d'Assaut
La Sexion D'Assaut.jpg
Background information
OriginParis, France
GenresFrench hip-hop
Years active2002-2013
LabelsWati B
Associated actsDJ HCue, Dawala, Dry, H Magnum, Mister You, Youssoupha, Mafia Zeutrei, Sniper, DJ Abdel, Soprano, Dr Beriz
MembersMaître Gims
Black M
Barack Adama
JR O Crom
L.I.O. Pétrodollars

Sexion d'Assaut was a French hip-hop group formed in 2002, and composed of eight rappers from Paris. They are signed to the independent Wati B record label, which is under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment France.

The founding members were L.I.O. Pétrodollars, Alpha Diallo, Maska and Lefa. In 2003, it became a collective as Maître Gims and JR joined in. Throughout its existence, it included about 69 rappers, but set-up changed from time to time. The group distinguishes itself of staying away from "bling bling" that other French rappers have adopted. They also retain the style of old school hip-hop, but keep underground influences and spent almost a decade fostering an underground fanbase before releasing their debut studio album L'école des points vitaux in 2010.

Their album L'école des points vitaux in 2010 went quadruple platinum. The album En attendant l'Apogée: Les Chroniques du 75 Vol. 2 in 2011 and L'Apogée in 2012 both went platinum and diamond respectively.


Present members[edit]

  • Lefa, also known as L'Homme Mystère, real name Karim Fall, from Senegal. He grew up in the Abbesses neighborhood in the 18e.
  • Lio Pétrodollars, real name Lionel Dahi, from Ivory Coast. He grew up in place de Clichy.
  • Maître Gims, also known as le Fléau, real name Gandhi Djuna, from Congo Kinshasa. He grew up in the Arts-et-Métiers neighborhood in 3e arrondissement. He moved later on to 9e arrondissement. He also usually hides his eyes with sunglasses.
  • Doomams, also known as l'Insomniaque, real name Mamadou Baldé, from Guinea. He grew up in Val-de-Marne and later in 18e arrondissement. He is frequently seen wearing Ray-Bann sunglasses.
  • Maska, also known as le Blanc, real name Bastien Vincent, from 9e arrondissement. He is noted as the only white member of the group.
  • Black Mesrimes also known as Black M and as Gros yeux, real name Alpha Diallo, from Guinea. He grew up in la Rue du Bac (7e arrondissement of Paris) and later on 13e arrondissement
  • Adams Diallo, also known as Barack Adama, real name Adama Diallo, from Senegal. He grew up in Rochechouart neighborhood, in 9e arrondissement (not a relative of Black M, although both carry the same family name)
  • JR O Crom, also known as Jeryzoos, real name Karim Ballo, from Mali. He grew up in Arts-et-Métiers, in the 3e arrondissement.

Other personnel[edit]

  • Jiba-Jiba, manager
  • Dawala, record producer also known as Wati-Boss
  • Dj HCue, also known as Sauveur des Tropiques, DJ
  • Wisla, beatmaker.


Sexion d'Assaut saw also subgroupings made up of certain members working together.

  • Assonances made up of Lefa, Petrodollars, Adams Diallo, Maska and Scrib'R, a sub-grouping that continued until the formation of 3e Prototype
  • Prototype 3015 made up of Maître Gims and JR O Crom, that continued until 3e Prototype was formed
  • Le 3e Prototype, a subgrouping made up of Lefa, Maître Gims, Barack Adama, Maska and Jeryzoos from 2005 to 2009.
  • 75 Neces'R made up of Scrib-R and many other artists. He later left to concentrate on his solo career and run various other projects.
  • Assos de Salopards made up of DesDes and R-Mak, who stayed until 2008, then left for solo careers


  • The band was accused of homophobia after one of its principal members Lefa made comments to Nat V, a journalist for International Hip Hop issue dated June 2010,[1] that "being a homosexual is a deviancy and not to be tolerated", sparking a national media scandal. After the comment, the radio station NRJ suspended its "NRJ@School" project with Sexion d'Assaut by which the band would perform in a college or high school and removed many of their singles from its regular playlists.[2] Sexion d'Assaut also had their MTV Europe Music Awards nomination withdrawn for Best French Act.[3] Following the scandal many concert venues also pulled out from the band's tour. In an interview with Les Inrockuptibles, Lefa claimed Nat V had misquoted him. But Nat V soon provided tape recordings of the actual interview. Fédération française des centres LGBT contemplated opening lawsuits but after meeting with the group members, decided to reconsider. An apology followed by the band and a concert that they organised in the name of fighting discrimination.
  • Doomams, another band member (real name Mamadou Baldé), was tried after a domestic violence affair that happened on 12 September 2010. His girlfriend had called the police in a state of shock claiming she was violently beaten by him. Taken for questioning, he was accused of insulting the officer. Although the girlfriend withdrew the charges, he was still tried and sentenced on 10 November 2010.[4]



Studio albums
Year Album Charts Certification
2009 L'écrasement de tête
(street album)
2010 L'école des points vitaux 2 5 37 Triple platinum
Sold 400,000 copies
2011 En attendant l'Apogée - Les chroniques du 75 3 10 46 Platinum[6]
2012 L'Apogée 1 1 15 Diamond[7]
Live albums
Year Album Charts Certification
2012 L'apogée à Bercy 17
Compilation albums
Year Album Charts Certification
2013 Best of 13 23 79
La collection (4 CDs + DVD) 154  –  –

Street albums[edit]

  • 2008 : Le Renouveau by 3e Prototype
  • 2009 : L'Écrasement de tête (FR #36)


  • 2005 : La Terre du Milieu (3e Prototype)
  • 2009 : Les Chroniques du 75 Vol. 1
  • 2010 : T Sourd Ou Quoi? Vol. 1 (DJ HCue)
  • 2011 : Les Chroniques du 75 Vol. 2 FR #3, platinum)
  • 2011 : This is the Remix (L.I.O as Petrodollars)
  • 2012 : Black Shady Vol.1 (by Black Mesrimes)


  • 2005 : Le Pacte (by Black Mesrimes with Bakry)
  • 2006 : Pour ceux qui dorment les yeux ouverts (by Maître Gims)


  • 2009 : Les Chroniques du 75 Vol. 1


  • 2011 : Les Chroniques du 75 Vol. 2 (FR #3, platinum)


Year Single Charts Certification Album
2010 "Désolé" 5 61 15 L'école des points vitaux
"Casquette à l'envers" 36
"Wati by Night" (feat Dry) 40 86
2011 "Paris va bien" 54 17 En attendant l'Apogée - Les chroniques du 75
"Qui t'a dit" 52 18
"Plus qu'un son" 79
"À bout d'souffle" 27
"Mets pas celle-là" 89 54 L'Apogée
2012 "Avant qu'elle parte" 1 3 28
"Ma direction" 2 5 36
"Wati House" 4 4 50
"Problèmes d'adultes" 8 11
"J'reste debout" 57
"Wati remix House" 67
Other singles

(Not charting in the Top 100 SNEP charts)

  • 2007: "Histoire pire que vraie"
  • 2008: "Anti-Tecktonik"
  • 2009: "T'es bête ou quoi?"
  • 2009: "Wati-Bon Son" feat. Dry
  • 2009: "L'école des points vitaux"
  • 2010: "Changement d'ambiance"
  • 2010: "J'ai pas les loves"
  • 2011: "Le relais"
  • 2011: "À bout d'souffle"
  • 2012: "Balader"
  • 2012: "Prévenez les haineux" (feat. L.I.O. Petrodollars)
  • 2012: "Africain"
  • 2012: "Disque d'or"
  • 2012: "À coeur ouvert"
  • 2012: "Laissez-moi ivre"
  • 2012: "En direct de la lune"
  • 2012: "L'endurance"
  • 2012: "75 degrés"
  • 2012: "Melrose Place" (feat. L.I.O. Petrodollars)
  • 2012: "Wati by Night" (feat. Dry)
Featured in (charting singles)
Year Single Charts Certification Album
2011 "Sahbi"
(Kore feat. Sexion d'Assaut)
"Blood Diamondz"
(Sniper feat. Sexion d'Assaut)
Featured in (others)
Year Song Artists Album
Normal Dry feat. Sexion d'Assaut De la pure pour les durs (Mixtape by Dry)
Ville de la tentation Sexion d'Assaut Département 765 (Compilation)
Yougatavibe Mister You feat. Maître Gims La rue c'est paro (Street album by Mister You)
Course poursuite Mister You feat. JR O Crom Arrête You si tu peux (Mixtape by Mister You)
Freestyle Mister You feat. Maître Gims & R.D.G Arrête You si tu peux (Mixtape by Mister You)
Wati bonhomme Dry feat. Sexion d'Assaut Les Derniers seront les premiers (Album by Dry)
D'après vous Mister You feat. JR O Crom & Maître Gims Prise d'otage (Maxi by Mister You)
Paris de loin H Magnum feat. Sexion d'Assaut Rafales (Street album by H Magnum)
Course poursuite (La suite) Mister You feat. JR O Crom Présumé coupable (Street album by Mister You)
Hello Good Morning (Remix) P. Diddy & Dirty Money feat. Sexion d'Assaut T Sourd Ou Quoi? (Mixtape by DJ HCue)
Ça marche en équipe H Magnum feat. Sexion d'Assaut Gotham City (Street tape by H Magnum)
Ma vie c'est de l'égotrip Abis feat. L.I.O. Pétrodollars Quartier Hallam Vol. 2 (Street album by Abis)
Paris Centre (Kush Remix) Jarod feat. Black Mesrimes Feinte de Frappe (Mixtape by Jarod)
Mine de rien Jarod feat. Sexion d'Assaut Feinte de Frappe (Mixtape by Jarod)
RaggaMuffin (Remix) Selah Sue feat. Sexion d'Assaut Non-album release (only single)
Donnez nous de la funk DJ Abdel feat. Wati Funk, Dry, JR O Crom & Maître Gims) Evolution 2011 (Album by DJ Abdel)
Pas de nouvelle bonne nouvelle DJ Abdel feat. Maître Gims & Black Mesrimes Evolution 2011 (Album by DJ Abdel)
Sahbi DJ Kore feat. Sexion d'Assaut Raï'n'B Fever 4 (Album by DJ Kore)
Blood Diamondz Sniper feat. Sexion d'Assaut À toute épreuve (Album by Sniper)
Excellent Sexion d'Assaut feat. H Magnum Gotham City (Album by H Magnum) & Booska Tape Vol. 1 (Album by French hip-hop website Booska P)
Mon Défaut Sexion d'Assaut feat. Dry Tôt ou tard (Album by Dry)
Ma Mélodie Dry feat. Maître Gims Tôt ou tard (Album by Dry)
Déjà vu Dry feat. Doomams & JR O Crom Tôt ou tard (Album by Dry)


  • "Histoire pire que vraie"
  • "Anti-Tecktonik"
  • "T'es bête ou quoi?"
  • "Wati-Bon Son" feat. Dry
  • "L'école des points vitaux"
  • "Casquette à l'envers"
  • "Changement d'ambiance"
  • "Désolé"
  • "Wati by Night" feat. Dry
  • "Ca marche en équipe" feat. H Magnum
  • "Paris va bien"
  • "Qui t'a dit?"
  • "Plus qu'un son"
  • "Vu la haine que j'ai"
  • "Pas d'chance"
  • "Noir"
  • "Traqué"
  • "À bout d'souffle"
  • "O'brothers"
  • "Flow d'killer"
  • "Disque d'or"
  • "Excellent" feat. H Magnum
  • "Avant qu'elle parte"
  • "Ma direction"
  • "Wati House"

Wati house

Street Clips[edit]

  • "30%"
  • "Chroniques du Mystère"
  • "Où sont les Kickeurs?"
  • "Freestyle
  • "Ah ouais parait que j'suis doué"
  • "Même pas l'smic"
  • "Le Relais"
  • "A.D. (Africain Déterminé)"
  • "Instinct de Survie"
  • "Cramponnez-vous"
  • "Ra-Fall"
  • "BSS"
  • "Vu la haine que j'ai"
  • "Pas d'Chance"
  • "Black Shady part. 2"
  • "Mamadou"
  • "Boy's in the Hood"
  • "H.L.M. Life"


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