Sexmuseum Amsterdam

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Sexmuseum Amsterdam
Sex Museum in Amsterdam 1.jpg
Museum entrance in 2014
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
TypeSex museum
Visitors675,000 (2015)[1]

The Sexmuseum or the Temple of Venus (Dutch: Venustempel) is a sex museum located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum opened in 1985. It had 675,000 visitors in 2015, making it one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands.[1]

The museum features an extensive collection of pictures, recordings, photos, paintings and artifacts which allow visitors to explore the evolution of human sexuality throughout the ages. Visitors learn about the history of sex and how it has evolved over the centuries. Visitors may be surprised to learn just how open and free historical civilizations were. From Cleopatra's regiment of men to the Romans’ insatiable appetite for sex, visitors will learn how sex was viewed throughout history, and this includes the repressive Middle Ages.


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