Sextus Attius Suburanus

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Sextus Attius Suburanus Aemilianus
Allegiance Roman Empire
Years of service 98–101
Rank Praetorian prefect
Unit Praetorian Guard--German Guard
Commands held Praetorian Guard
Other work Consul of the Roman Empire in 104

Sextus Attius Suburanus Aemilianus, commonly abbreviated as Suburanus (date of birth or death unknown), was a prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard, during the reign of emperor Trajan, from 98 until 101.

He acceded to the office upon the execution of his predecessor Casperius Aelianus, who had been responsible for an insurrection against the previous emperor Nerva. Surburanus was a hard worker, apparently sometimes staying all night to finish work. Trajan was also truthful to Surburanus, by telling him, upon Suburanus ascending, and handing him his Praetorian sword, 'If I rule well, use this sword for me. If I rule badly, use it against me.'

After his tenure as Praetorian prefect, Suburanus was inducted into the Roman Senate, held the suffect consulship in 101, and then later the consulship in 104 with Marcus Asinius Marcellus as consul posterior.

Political offices
Preceded by
Trajan IV,
and Quintus Articuleius Paetus

as Ordinary consuls
Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
AD 101
with Quintus Articuleius Paetus
Succeeded by
Gaius Sertorius Brocchus Quintus Servaeus Innocens,
and Marcus Maecius Celer

as Suffect consuls
Preceded by
(A?)nnius Mela, and
Publius Calpurnius Macer Caulius Rufus

as Suffect consuls
Consul of the Roman Empire
AD 104
with Marcus Asinius Marcellus
Succeeded by
Tiberius Julius Candidus Marius Celsus,
and Gaius Antius Aulus Julius Quadratus II

as Ordinary consuls