Sexual abuse cases in Galway, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora diocese

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In 2005, several men in Galway, Kilmacdaugh, and Kilfenora dioceseas were accused of abusing women and children. Bishop Eamon Casey fought against 13 allegations in November 2005. In the 1966 McCoy report, 21 disabled children were allegedly sexually abused by an entire family and friends. Bishop Drennon was encouraged to resign due to his sexual abuse scandal. The church stood by these bishops as they awaited their trials.

Allegations against Bishop Casey in 2005[edit]

Eamon Casey was investigated in connection with 13 allegations of sexual abuse reported in November 2005 by a woman, a native of Limerick but living in the UK, concerning incidents that allegedly took place more than 30 years earlier. A Garda Síochána inquiry ensued but the Director of Public Prosecutions decided in August 2006 that Casey had no case to answer.[1][2] The Irish bishops will now determine if Casey can be restored to full priestly ministry through their own internal procedures.

Gardaí investigation into the matter[edit]

On 20 January 2006, it was announced that Casey would be returning to Ireland. Then on 22 January 2006, Casey said that he would delay his return until his name was cleared by a Gardaí of a new allegation of improper conduct (relating to his time in Ireland). However, he returned to the Republic of Ireland on 5 February 2006 and resides in Shanaglish, a village near Gort County Galway.[3]

McCoy Report[edit]

The McCoy Report, for which investigation in the Galway diocese was begun in 1999, with results made public in December 2007, found that eleven brothers and seven other non clerical staff members were alleged to have abused 21 intellectually disabled children in residential care during the period 1965–1998. By 2007, two members of staff were convicted of abuse, eight had died and the rest had retired. It emerged that the Order[which?] had attempted to transfer at least one accused brother to another place.[4][5]

Bishop Drennan pressured to resign[edit]

Since November 2009, many have called for Bishop Drennan to resign because of a sexual abuse scandal in the Dublin archdiocese. Although Drennan was investigated for his involvement and association, the Murphy Report on the investigation found that he had handled sexual abuse allegations correctly while serving as an auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese of Dublin.[6]

Support from Galway clergy[edit]

More recently, clergy of Galway Diocese have stood behind Dr. Drennan and have supported his decision not to resign, as have heads of local religious orders. Local TD Frank Fahy has said Dr Drennan should not resign. In a Galway Bay FM (local radio) poll, over 93% of Galway people supported Dr Drennan's refusal to stand down. [7]


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