Sexy Beach Zero

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Sexy Beach Zero
Sexy Beach Zero Coverart.png
Cover art
Developer(s)Illusion Soft
Publisher(s)Illusion Soft
SeriesSexy Beach
  • JP: October 29, 2010
Genre(s)Eroge/Dating sim
Mode(s)Single player

Sexy Beach Zero (SexyビーチZERO, Sexy Bīchi Zero) is an adult, 3D eroge/dating sim video game developed and published by Illusion, a company based in Yokohama, Japan, and notable for developing 3D erotic games. The game was released on October 29, 2010, in Japan and is the 4th game in the Sexy Beach series.

The game has improved graphics and lighting, as compared to previous Illusion-developed games. It contains an anaglyph 3D feature as well as HDR lighting.[1] The camera controls are the same as the previous game, Sexy Beach 3. Left-clicking allows the player to rotate around the character and right-clicking allows the player to pan on a 2D plane in front of the character. The camera also features multiple saved positions which can be attained by pressing keyboard letters: Q, W, E, R or T.


The player follows a distinct progression with each girl by going on dates, talking and giving gifts in order to build trust. As the player builds trust, the girl opens up to the player. She eventually lets the player engage in "eroge" gesture in the form of sexual mini-games. Each girl has a distinctive swimsuit type. When playing with each girl, the player can access new swimsuits to buy and use to dress up the girls.

The game also features picture-taking opportunities with professional models known as "Gravure idols." By using the camera, the player can control the models and take instant pictures of different scenes with a touch of the print-screen button. After the player completes the scenes with each girl, the "Free Mode" is unlocked. This allows complete customization of clothes and body options for the girls such as arms, bust, hips, calves and butt. The player can then select from any scene in the game to view with the customized options.


All five girls in Sexy Beach Zero were chosen from the characters of previous Illusion games:

  • Ai (, Ai)[2] – a Japanese woman with short black hair from Real Girlfriend.
  • Kuwahara Rin (, Rin)[3] - a young brunette girl from Biko 3
  • Setsuna Yagami (刹那, Setsuna)[4] – a dark-blue-haired ninja, with short hair, from Battle Raper 2
  • Hotaru (ホタル, Hotaru)[5] – a blonde girl from Des Blood VR
  • Bael Altarus (バエル, Bael)[6] – a light-blue-haired girl from Des Blood 4 who previously appeared in Sexy Beach 2, and Sexy Beach 3.


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