Seychelles First Division

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Seychelles League
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Country Seychelles
Confederation CAF
Founded 1979
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Seychelles Division Two
Domestic cup(s) Seychelles FA Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Côte d'Or FC
Most championships Saint-Louis FC and St Michel United FC (13)
TV partners SBC

Seychelles First Division (also known as the Barclays First Division due to sponsporship reasons) is the top division of the Seychelles Football Federation, it was created in 1979.

Members clubs 2017[edit]

Seychelles map
Team City Stadium
Anse Réunion FC Anse Réunion , La Digue La Digue Playing Fields
Côte d'Or FC Grand'Anse Praslin, Praslin Stade d’Amitié
Foresters Mont Fleuri, Mahé Mont Fleuri
La Passe FC La Digue La Passe Ground
Light Stars FC Grand'Anse Praslin, Praslin Stade d’Amitié
The Lions FC Cascade, Mahé Stade Linité
Northern Dynamo FC Glacis, Mahé Glacis
Revengers FC Grand'Anse Praslin, Praslin Stade d’Amitié
Red Star Defence Forces Victoria, Mahé Military Filed
Saint John Bosco Pointe La Rue, Mahé Ground
St Louis Suns United Victoria, Mahé, Stade Linité
St Michel United FC Anse-aux-Pins, Mahé Roche Caiman

Previous winners[edit]

Performance by club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
Saint-Louis FC (includes Sunshine SC) Victoria 14 1994
St Michel United FC Anse-aux-Pins 13 2015
La Passe FC La Passe 4 2009
Mont Fleuri FC Victoria 2 1984
Red Star Anse-aux-Pins 2 2001
Côte d'Or FC Praslin 2 2016
Anse Réunion FC Anse Réunion 1 2006

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