Seychellois parliamentary election, 2011

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An early parliamentary election was held in Seychelles from 29 September to 1 October 2011.[1]

The National Assembly was almost dissolved a year early on 12 July 2011.[2] The dissolution was temporarily invalidated by the Constitutional Court on 18 July 2011 on procedural grounds; the Court ordered the Assembly to reconvene on 19 July 2011. However, the Assembly was dissolved in July.[3][4]

The Seychelles National Party, the main opposition party, had decided to boycott the election, in protest of the government's failure to revise electoral laws about the amount of money parties can spend on campaigning. The ruling People's Party won the election with just shy of 89% of the votes. The opposition Popular Democratic Movement, formed by former members of the SNP, only secured less than 11% of all votes and said that it would contest the outcome in court.[5] The voter turnout was 74.3%; invalid votes were very high, at 31.87% of all votes cast.[6]

e • d Summary of the 29 September until 1 October 2011 National Assembly of the Seychelles election results
Party Votes % Direct
+/- Proportional
+/- Total
People's Party (Seychelles) 31,123 88.56% 25 +7 6 +1 31 +8
Popular Democratic Movement 3,828 10.89% 0 0 0
Independents 194 0.55% 0 0 0
Total (valid votes; turnout 74.3%) 35,145 100.00% 25 6 –3 31 –3
Source: African Elections Database