Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini

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Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini
Amir rainbow 2016.jpg
Born Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Film producer
Years active 1990–present

Seyed Amir Parvin Hosseini(born in Tehran, Iran) is a film maker.

He started his career by editing and directing a few music videos and television series. In the following years, his work focused on producing films and series outside of Iran, such as France , UAE, Turkey , Brazil. Hosseini served as a producer in 7 feature films in cinema, 6 TV films, 8 Video series . His outstanding productions have brought him several awards from festivals such as "Asia Best Producer","International Filmmaker of Peace","Best Foreign Producer" and ...


  • Wing Mirror (2017)[1]
  • ZAPAS (2016)[2]
  • I Am Not Salvador (2015)[3]
  • Soil and Coral (Khako Marjan - 2013)[4]
  • Made in Iran (Sakhte Iran - 2011)[5]
  • Mind Your Manners (Akhlagheto Khoob Kon - 2010)[6]
  • Do Not Turn, Please (Lotfan Dor Nazanim - 2009)



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