Seyed Khandan

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Seyed Khandan bridge.jpg

Seyed Khandan is a locality of the city of Tehran in Iran. It is the junction of Shariati Street and Resalat Highway. It is near Resalat district.


Years ago, there was a riant man[clarification needed] called "Seyyed" having a coffee shop ("ghahveh khaneh" in Persian) on north of now located Seyyed Khandan bridge. In those days, Shariati Street was named Old Road ("jaddeh ghadim" in Persian (جاده قدیم)). This street made connection between center and north of Tehran (Shemiranat). In those times, there was no high speed automobiles and it took a long time to pass through Old Road, so travelers usually stopped somewhere to rest. Seyyed's coffee shop was one of the best places for them, because now named Seyyed Khandan area was almost in the center of Old Road. In honor of the riant Seyyed, they named this place Seyyed Khandan meaning riant Seyyed.

Panoramic view from Seyyed khandan Bridge.

Coordinates: 35°44′31″N 51°26′49″E / 35.74194°N 51.44694°E / 35.74194; 51.44694