Seym River

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Seym, Сейм
Sejm in bupel.jpg
Seym in Kursk Oblast
Country Russia, Ukraine
Basin features
Main source Russia
River mouth Desna
Basin size 27,500 km2 (10,600 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 748 km (465 mi)

Seym (also transcripted as Seim and Sejm, in Russian: Сейм; Ukrainian: Сейм) is a river in Russia and Ukraine. Its length is 748 kilometres (465 mi) and its basin area about 27,500 square kilometres (10,600 sq mi). It is the largest tributary of the Desna.

Towns located on the river: Kursk, Rylsk, Putyvl, Kurchatov, Baturin.

Coordinates: 51°27′34″N 32°33′50″E / 51.45944°N 32.56389°E / 51.45944; 32.56389