Sgùrr an Utha and Fraoch-bheinn

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Sgùrr an Utha and Fraoch-bheinn
Sgurr an utha.jpg
West ridge of Sgùrr an Utha, just below the summit
Highest point
  • Sgùrr an Utha: 796 m (2,612 ft)
  • Fraoch-bheinn: 790 m (2,592 ft)
  • Sgùrr an Utha: c. 501 m (1,644 ft)
  • Fraoch-bheinn: 51 m (167 ft)
CoordinatesNM889838 and NM893837 56°53′52″N 5°28′2″W / 56.89778°N 5.46722°W / 56.89778; -5.46722Coordinates: 56°53′52″N 5°28′2″W / 56.89778°N 5.46722°W / 56.89778; -5.46722
English translationPeak of the udder and Heather hill
Language of nameGaelic
Pronunciation[ˈs̪kuːrˠ ən ˈu.ə] and [ˈfɾɯːxveɲ]
Topo mapOS Landranger 40

Sgùrr an Utha and Fraoch-bheinn are two hills above Glenfinnan, in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland. The two summits are joined by a summit ridge, which is 735 m above sea level at its lowest elevation. The glen of Glen Finnan itself lies just to the east.

This is the only known site in the British Isles for the arctic plant Diapensia lapponica, first discovered there in 1951.

The hills are most commonly climbed from Glen Finnan to the south. One possible route initially follows a track at the bottom of the river Allt an Utha which leaves the A830 road about 2.5 km west of Glenfinnan station to first ascend Sgùrr an Utha. A circular route may be made by continuing south from the summit of Fraoch-bheinn, eventually picking up the track on the slopes of Druim na Brein Choille, Fraoch-bheinn's southern ridge.

Alternative routes include a direct ascent of Fraoch-bheinn from Glenfinnan station, or by climbing to the low point between the two summits from the Caol-ghleann, the valley to the north side of the hill. Caol-ghlean curves round to meet Glen Finnan near the station, thus a circular route can be made by walkers using rail to access the area.

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