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Sgouros Spata[a] (fl. 1399–1403) was the Lord of Arta briefly in 1400, and the Lord of Angelokastron from 1401 until his death in 1403, during warfare in a civil war.


Shortly before John Spata died on 29 October (1399, according to Nicol;[1] 1400 according to others), he appointed his brother, Sgouros, ruler of Naupactus, as his successor as the despot of Arta. A few days after Sgouros took over Arta, however, the town was captured by the adventurer Vonko.[2] While Sgouros fled to Angelokastron, a short time after, possibly as early as December 1399 (or by the end of 1401[3]), Maurice Spata, his grandnephew, managed to evict Vonko from Arta and took over the governance of the city himself, while Sgouros thus took over governance of Angelokastron.[4][1][3]

In 1402/3, Maurice came to Sgouros' aid when the latter was besieged at Angelokastron by the forces of Carlo I Tocco. The attack, under Carlo's general Galasso Peccatore, was repulsed, but Sgouros died soon after, from wounds suffered in the war,[5] leaving his possessions to his son Paul Spata.[6]


Sgouros was succeeded by his son Paul, who became an Ottoman vassal and was aided with a contingent that was defeated by Tocco in 1406, after the latter had turned on the offensive, Angelokastron was ceded to the Turks and Paul retired to Naupaktos, however he sold it in 1407 to the Republic of Venice. Because of Paul's withdrawal, Maurice Spata and Tocco divided Aetolia and Acarnania between themselves. In 1408, Tocco holds Angelokastron.[7]


  1. ^ His name according to a contemporary fresco in the church of Panagia Paregoritissa in Arta was Sgouros Spatas (СΓΟΥΡΟС СΠΑΤΑС),[8] while it is mostly spelled Sgouros Spata in modern sources. His given name has also been spelled Zgur.


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Preceded by
John Spata
Despot of Arta
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Lord of Angelokastron
Succeeded by
Paul Spata