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Sgrouples, Inc.
Type Social networking service
Founder(s) Mark Weinstein[1] and Jonathan Wolfe
Alexa rank Increase 126,827 (April 2015)[2]
Type of site Private Social Network
Registration Required
Available in English, Japanese
Launched May 16th, 2012[3]
Current status Active

Sgrouples (like:scru•ple\noun\ˈskrü-pəl\) is a social networking site, with a focus on user privacy, launched in 2012.[4] Their offices are in Sunnyvale, California.[5]

Sgrouples, Inc. officially launched its public beta version on May 16, 2012. It offers a variety of features, applications and social network services on its user interface. The platform offers a free custom dashboard that lets members create and interact with private personal groups, invite and manage their contacts on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and provides a personal storage cloud facility. This aggregation tool aids internet users who have to access and remember usernames and passwords for their separate online networks.[3]


Sgrouples, Inc. was founded in 2011 by Mark Weinstein and Dr. Jonathan Wolf.[6]

Before Sgrouples, Weinstein and Dr. Wolfe Co-founded two social networking websites '' and '' in 1998, which was recognized as PC Magazine’s "Top 100" sites three times. In 1999 they also created the social networking site 'SuperGroups'.[3]

Weinstein and Dr. Wolfe collectively founded and launched Sgrouples after noticing that users of large social networking platforms, like Facebook, were fatigued due to breaches in their privacy.[3][7]


The key features of Sgrouples are:

  • Private custom-made user groups
  • Cloud storage for important documents with My CloudTM (4GB free at sign-up, up to 10GB free with sharing)
  • Social network aggregation facility in one user-friendly dashboard
  • Shared Event calendars
  • Privacy bill of rights - no tracking, no profiling, no sharing of personal information[3]

Currently the main attraction of Sgrouples is its feature of creating Groups for specific sharing purposes. Members can be invited to a group by email address, from social networks, or from other already-created Sgrouples groups. They have different permission levels, including contributor, viewer, limited, or custom.[8]


Sgrouples was accepted as a member and named to the Honor Roll in recognition of its leadership in the field of Online Privacy and Security by Online Trust Alliance (OTA) for the year 2012.[9]

The Commissioner of Ontario, Canada Dr. Ann Cavoukian, announced Mark Weinstein (The Founder and CEO of Sgrouples), as an Ambassador of Privacy By Design in recognition of his thought and leadership in the field of online privacy and security, and commitment to the principles of Privacy by Design.[10]

Weinstein is also a steering committee member of the White House initiative National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyber Security Alliance (NTICS)[11]


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