Shō Shishō

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Shō Shishō
尚 思紹
Chief of Chūzan
SuccessorShō Hashi
HouseFirst Shō Dynasty
FatherSamekawa Omushi (鮫川大主)
Motherdaughter of Ufugusuku Anji

Shō Shishō (尚思紹, r. 1407–1421), also known as Talumei,[1] was Anji of Sashiki and later chief of Chūzan, one of three polities on the island of Okinawa, before they were united. He was the progenitor of what became the First Shō Dynasty.

The son of Shishō was Shō Hashi, who is known as the first king of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shō Hashi overthrew chief Bunei of Chūzan in 1406 and installed his father as king. His kingship was acknowledged by the Yongle Emperor of China, who caused a diplomatic mission to be sent to the Ryukyuan capital in 1415.[1]

On 30 January 1406, the Yongle Emperor expressed horror when the Ryukyuans castrated some of their own children to become eunuchs to serve in the Ming imperial palace. The emperor said that the boys who were castrated were innocent and did not deserve castration, and he returned the boys to Ryukyu and instructed them not to send eunuchs again.[2]


  • Father: Samekawa Omushi
  • Mother: daughter of Ufugusuku Anji
  • Wife: daughter of Miiko
  • Children:
    • Shō Hashi by daughter of Miiko
    • Hirata Daihiroku by daughter of Miiko
    • Tedokon Daidoku by daughter of Miiko

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Shō Shishō
First Shō Dynasty
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Chief of Chūzan
Succeeded by
Shō Hashi