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Shōin Shrine
Shoin shrine main building - april 30 2017.jpg
Haiden of Shōin Jinja, 2017
Shōin Shrine松陰神社 is located in Japan
Shōin Shrine松陰神社
Shōin Shrine
Location within Japan
Dedicated to Yoshida Shōin
Founded 1882
Priest(s) 154-0023 東京都世田谷区若林4-35-1
Address 4-35-1 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0023
Coordinates 35°38′50.04″N 139°39′21.92″E / 35.6472333°N 139.6560889°E / 35.6472333; 139.6560889Coordinates: 35°38′50.04″N 139°39′21.92″E / 35.6472333°N 139.6560889°E / 35.6472333; 139.6560889
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Shōin Shrine (松陰神社, Shōin Jinja), located in Setagaya, Tokyo, is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirit of Yoshida Shōin, an activist during the Edo era.


Shoin was executed by the Shogunate in prison in Tenmacho, Edo in 1859, his body was reburied in Wakabayashi by his followers in 1863. The shrine was erected in 1882, and the current main shrine building was built in 1927.[1]

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