Shōkōjo Seira

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Shōkōjo Seira
Shokojo Seira poster.jpg
Also known as A Little Princess
Based on A Little Princess
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Written by Yoshikazu Okada
Directed by Fuminori Kaneko, Akio Yoshida
Starring Mirai Shida
Theme music composer Takatsugu Muramatsu
Ending theme Kanashimi wa Kitto by UVERworld
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Producer(s) Aki Isoyama
Location(s) India, Japan
Running time 54 minutes
Original network TBS
Original release October 17 (2009-10-17) – December 19, 2009 (2009-12-19)
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Shōkōjo Seira (小公女セイラ) is a 2009 Japanese drama television series based on the children's novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Mirai Shida stars as Seira, the daughter of a rich boss of a mining company. Due to her father's sudden death in a mining accident, Seira has overcomes many ordeals at the Millenius Seminary boarding school because she is unable to pay her school fees.

Shōkōjo Seira aired on Saturdays from 7:56pm on the Tokyo Broadcasting System between 17 October 2009 and 19 December 2009.


Seira was raised in India, but she is sent back to Japan to continue her education at an affluent boarding high school her mother went to. Although she has lived in luxury, the well-bred Seira is kind and generous, earning her many friends at the school. One person who dislikes Seira is the school's director, though she treats Seira well due to the father's fortune. Then, during Seira's 16th birthday party, the director informs her that her father has died, leaving her penniless. As a result, she is forced to work as a servant in order to pay off her school bills.

It was found out in the latter stages that the director despised Seira's mother, thus expressing her revenge. In the end it was found out that his father's assets were unfrozen, and she became very rich once again. Since Millenius school was on the verge of bankruptcy, Seira saved it by becoming the sole proprietor, but as a condition she would be readmitted back to school. Thus the competition between Kuroda Seira, Takeda Maria and Mizushima Kaori to become the school captain emerged for good



# Episode title Romanized title Translation of title Broadcast date Ratings[1]
1 みんなが涙した世界の名作! 超お嬢様が召使いに…
Min'na ga namida shita sekai no meisaku! Chō ojōsama ga meshitsukai ni…
Nai tari shinai. Datte on'nanoko wa dare demo purinsesuna ndakara…
Don'na gyakkyō ni mo tsuyoku tadashī sugata ni kazoku mina de kandō shite kudasai
The world-famous story that touched everyone! The super princess becomes a servant...
Don't cry anymore. Any girl can become a princess
The strong will in front of adversity impresses a family
October 17, 2009 7.4%
2 学院一自慢の生徒は使用人 Gakuin ichi jiman no seito wa shiyōnin The school boasts of one student-servant October 24, 2009 8.0%
3 お姫様の友達はネズミだけ Ohimesama no tomodachi wa nezumi dakee Rats are the only friends of the princess October 31, 2009 7.8%
4 主演女優は私よ! Shuen joyū wa watashi yo! I am the main starring actress! November 7, 2009 7.6%
5 二人だけの修学旅行の夜 Futaridake no shūgakuryokō no yoru The night of the graduation trip; just the two of them November 14, 2009 6.0%
6 小悪魔系天使あらわる! Shōakuma kei tenshi ara waru! The little devil turns into a little angel! November 21, 2009 8.4%
7 誰も盗めない宝物 Dare mo nusumenai takaramono Who stole my treasure November 28, 2009 8.4%
8 魔法のようなプレゼント Mahō no yōna purezento A magical gift December 5, 2009 7.0%
9 彼女を救うのはだれだ? Kanojo o sukuu no wa dareda? 'Who is able to rescue that girl? December 12, 2009 9.8%
10 奇跡の大逆転! 美しき復讐が始まる Kiseki no dai gyakuten! Utsukushiki fukushū ga hajimaru A miraculous reversal of fortunes! The start of a beautiful revenge December 14, 2009 10.9%
Ratings for Kanto region (average rating: 8.13%)[1]


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