Shōnan no Kaze

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Shōnan no Kaze
Origin Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Genres Reggae, Hip-hop, Ska-core, J-pop
Years active 2001 (2001)–present
Labels 134 Recordings
Website Shonan no Kaze Official Website
Members Red Rice
Shock Eye
Past members Goki

Shōnan no Kaze (湘南乃風?, Shōnan Wind) is a Japanese four member reggae band. They are best known for their 2006 hit song "Junrenka" (純恋歌?, Pure Love Song), which was one of the top songs of 2006.[1]


Han-kun of Shōnan no Kaze performing at the Hibiki Music Festival 2009.

The band's roots were first formed when Red Rice and Han-kun first performed together in Shōnan in central coastal Japan.[2] Han-kun first formed an interest in reggae after by chance hearing Buju Banton's song "Untold Stories" in a friend's girlfriend's car, after coming home from a dance.[2] Red Rice was a casual fan of reggae/hip-hop, until attending festivals which made him develop a great love of these genres.[2] The pair met Shock Eye while performing, who previously worked as a hip-hop DJ.[2] Shock Eye was friends with Wakadanna in high school, and met him again by chance in Shōnan. Wakadanna had been managing a reggae bar in Shōnan.[2]

From 2001 onwards, the band worked together, having songs featured on compilation albums and collaborating with other artists.[3] The band made their major label debut in 2003, under Toy's Factory.[4]

The band's second album Shōnan no Kaze: Ragga Parade reached #5 on Oricon charts, after two top 20 singles.[1] The band had a hit song in 2006, "Junrenka" (純恋歌?, Pure Love Song). It sold over 520,000 copies and was the 8th biggest hit of 2006.[1] The follow-up album, Shōnan no Kaze: Riders High, reached #1.[1]

The band has had other hits since then, such as "Ōgon Soul," "Koi Shigure" and "Gachi-zakura."[1] The band's 4th album, Shōnan no Kaze: Joker, reached #1 on Oricon charts as well.[1]

Han-kun released a solo-album in 2008.[4] The band released the first of their planned "Best of" albums on March 6, 2013.

In 2013, the group provided the song "Just Live More" for the TV series Kamen Rider Gaim under the name Gaim no Kaze (鎧武乃風?, Gaimu no Kaze)

In 2016, the group provided the opening and closing themes "Ike! Tiger Mask" and "KING OF THE WILD" for the anime series Tiger Mask W.



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