Shōtō, Shibuya

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Shoto Museum of Art

Shōtō (松濤) is an upscale residential district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Located on the southwestern part of Shibuya, this district borders Kamiyamachō on the north, Udagawachō on the east, Dōgenzaka on the southeast, Shinsenchō and Maruyamachō on the south, and Komaba on the east.

Museums located in this district include Shoto Museum of Art, Toguri Museum of Art, and Bunkamura.

The Embassy of Djibouti is located in Shōtō.


Coordinates: 35°39′35″N 139°41′37″E / 35.65972°N 139.69361°E / 35.65972; 139.69361