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Shōwachō Station (昭和町駅 Shōwachō-eki?) is a subway station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Midōsuji Line in Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan, south east of Tennoji. The station is numbered "M24".

Station layout[edit]

There are two side platforms with two tracks under Abiko-suji, on the second basement ("B2F") level.


1  Midōsuji Line for Abiko and Nakamozu
2  Midōsuji Line for Tennōji, Namba, Umeda, and Senri-Chūō

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Osaka Municipal Subway Midōsuji Line (M24)
Tennōji (M23) - Nishitanabe (M25)

Surrounding area[edit]

The station is located in a largely residential area, there are convenience stores, small izakayas, and a covered shopping street of local independent traders. While situated relatively close to Fuminosato Station on the Tanimachi Line, there is no free transfer between the two stations.

  • Okazakiya
  • Momogaike Park
  • Shodokan Aikido Hombu Dojo (the head dojo of Shodokan Aikido)

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Coordinates: 34°38′01″N 135°31′01″E / 34.633559°N 135.516964°E / 34.633559; 135.516964