Sha Tin Town Hall

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Sha Tin Town Hall
Shatin Town Hall 201307.jpg
Traditional Chinese 沙田大會堂
Simplified Chinese 沙田大会堂

Sha Tin Town Hall (Chinese: 沙田大會堂) is a town hall at the town centre of the Sha Tin District in Hong Kong. It is located near the Sha Tin Park and the New Town Plaza. It is part of the podium complex which includes the Sha Tin Town Hall, Sha Tin Public Library and the Sha Tin Marriage Registry.

The town hall consists of:

  • an auditorium
  • a cultural activities hall
  • an exhibition gallery
  • a dance studio
  • a music studio
  • conference rooms
  • lecture rooms
  • practice rooms

The facility was formerly governed by the Regional Council but has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Its interior is currently under renovation.

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Coordinates: 22°22′53″N 114°11′24″E / 22.38139°N 114.19000°E / 22.38139; 114.19000