Sha Tin Wai

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View of Sha Tin Wai
View of Sha Tin Wai village across Sha Tin Wai Road in 2015. Shui Chuen O Estate in the final stages of construction is visible in the background.
Lam ancestral hall in Sha Tin Wai village.

Sha Tin Wai (Chinese: 沙田圍) is an area in Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, named after Sha Tin Wai village (沙田圍村).


The name of the Sha Tin area allegedly comes from the fact that British colonial officials mistook the name of Sha Tin Wai village as the name of the area.

The nearby Sha Tin Wai Station of the MTR is named after the village. By extension, since the construction of the station, the surrounding area is also called "Sha Tin Wai".


The village was established by the Tse (沙謝), Cheng (沙鄭) and Lam (沙林) clans from Pok Law (Boluo County) in the mid-17th century. Each of the clans has their own ancestral hall.[1]


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Coordinates: 22°22′40″N 114°11′51″E / 22.377867°N 114.197559°E / 22.377867; 114.197559