Shaamar, Selenge

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Shaamar District

Шаамар сум
ProvinceSelenge Province
Time zoneUTC+8 (UTC + 8)

Shaamar (Mongolian: Шаамар) is a sum (district) of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. The Dulaankhaan urban-type settlement is 35 km S from Shaamar sum center.

The sum center settlement of Shaamar is divided into two parts, about 8 miles apart. Upper Shaamar is located on a flat part of a hill and lower Shaamar on the banks of the Selenge River. Lower Shaamar has access to the railway station and water from the river.

Shaamar was established as a negdel (agricultural cooperative) during the agricultural movement of the 1930s in Mongolia. Today, the local economy is mainly supported by vegetables, cattle, pork, poultry, and lumber.

Coordinates: 50°04′47″N 106°10′57″E / 50.07972°N 106.18250°E / 50.07972; 106.18250