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Shabab Al Ordon Club (logo).png
Full name Shabab Al-Ordon Club
Nickname(s) أسود غمدان
Usoud Ghamdan
Lions of Ghamdan
Founded 2002; 15 years ago (2002)[1]
Ground Amman International Stadium
Ground Capacity 25,000
Chairman Salim Khair[2]
Manager Issa Al-Turk[3]
League Jordan League
2016-17 8th
Website Club website
Current season

Shabab Al-Ordon Club (Arabic: نادي شباب الأردن‎) (translated: "Jordan Youth Club") is a Jordanian football club based in Amman, in Jordan. The club was established in 2002 and is considered as the newest club in Jordan, but originated from its club Al-Qadisiyah. Besides it being one of the most competitive football teams in Jordan and succeeding in several achievements in a very short period of time, as they occupied fourth in Jordanian League in 2004, Winning the league in 2005 and also winning the Jordan Cup at the same year.


In fact, Shabab Al Ordon Club Management has played an important role in its success, particularly the president of club Salim Khair who spent his best efforts in order to meet the entire club's requirements to reach its best satisfaction. Furthermore, the greatest achievement of the club was materialized in 2007 in their success in winning the Asian Cup. Known as the Amman clubs noisy new neighbors, the Red and whites have been stirring up trouble on the field, popular for twisting and turning Wahdat and Faisaly title races while rarely being involved. in 2004–2007 Shabab were the most threatening, taking leagues and cups left and right, but since then, the form has dropped in Zarqa and mainly get there thrills by defeating the major Amman clubs and dashing title and cup ambitions. But in Asian competition, Shabab Al Ordon are the best outside representation, doing fairly well in every entry to the AFC cup. Shabab also have the bragging rights of being the last club to win a title outside of Jordan (winning AFC cup surprisingly in 2007.) Ironically and Historically beating usually superior neighbors Faisaly in the 2 legged final 2–1 on aggregate. Men's soccer team : Shabab AL-Ordon won Jordanian League Champions and the Jordan cup 2 times, Super Cup 1 times, and Jordan Shield 1 time, and Asian Championship 1 time.

Club facilities : Training ground with artificial grass, Multi Purpose hall, Fitness Center, a Restaurant, in addition to two another smaller training grounds.

The club's women's team was founded in 2003. It plays in the Jordan Women's Football League and is record champion with six titles up to 2013.


2006, 2013.
2006, 2007.
2007, 2016.
2007, 2013.

Performance in AFC competitions[edit]

2007: Champion
2008: Group Stage
2010: Round of 16
2014: Group Stage
2014: Qualifying play-off

Current squads[edit]

Men's Team[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Jordan DF Mohammad Al-Najar
6 Jordan MF Mohammad Al-Razem
8 Jordan FW Mahmoud Jamal
9 Jordan MF Loai Omran
10 Jordan FW Musa Al-Taamari
11 Jordan MF Anas Hijah
15 Jordan DF Rawad Abu Khizaran (Captain)
16 Jordan FW Mohammad Omar Shishani
17 Jordan DF Mohammad Abdulraouf
18 Jordan MF Suliman Abu Zema
No. Position Player
19 Jordan MF Khaled Abu Rayash (vice-captain)
21 Jordan FW Ward Al-Barri
22 Jordan GK Yazid Abu Layla
25 Jordan DF Mustafa Kamal
27 Jordan MF Shareef Adnan
44 Jordan MF Abdullah Abu Zema
Jordan GK Rashid Al-Mahsiri
Jordan DF Saif Al-Islam Mwafaq
Jordan MF Raiq Al-Qura'an
Jordan FW Mohammad Masha
Jordan DF Anas Bani Yaseen

Women's Team[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Jordan GK Ayat Habib
Jordan GK Zaina Al-Saadi
Jordan DF Ala' Al-Dabbas
Jordan DF Ayah Al-Majali
Jordan DF Haya Nofal
Jordan DF Israa' Ajarmeh
Jordan DF Jayda Al-Naber
Jordan DF Nour Ayoub
Jordan DF Nov Hijazi
Jordan DF Sarah Al-Amer
Jordan DF Sawsan Al-Hasaseen
Jordan DF Sherin Al-Shalabi
Jordan DF Shurouq Al-Shathli
Jordan DF Waed Al-Rawashdeh
Jordan MF Ala' Abu Qasheh
Jordan MF Aseel Al-Berawi
Jordan MF Bara' Al-Rashdan
No. Position Player
Jordan MF Dina Aqel
Jordan MF Emma Couric
Jordan MF Hiba Fakhruddin
Jordan MF Larissa Al-Dabouqi
Jordan MF Luna Al-Masri
Jordan MF Rand Khreisat
Jordan MF Razan Al-Shmali
Jordan MF Sama Khreisat
Jordan MF Shatha Sahawneh
Jordan MF Yasmin Khair
Jordan FW Fatina Abu Al-Wafa
Jordan FW Stephanie Al-Naber
Jordan FW Luna Al-Momani
Jordan FW Manar Freij
Jordan FW Natasha Al-Naber
Jordan FW Dina Al-Fayez

Current technical staff[edit]

For Men's Team[edit]

Position Staff
First team head coach Issa Al-Turk
Assistant coach #1 Issam Mahmoud
Assistant coach #2 Mahmoud Al-Hadid
Goalkeeping coach Omar Al-Kiswani
Fitness coach Qais Maamar

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Managerial History[edit]

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