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A Shabbos goy, Shabbat goy or Shabbes goy (Yiddish: שבת גוי‎, shabbos goy; Hebrew: גוי של שבת‎, goy shel shabat) is a non-Jew employed by Jewish people to perform for them certain types of work (melakha) that Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits a Jew from doing on the Sabbath.


The term is a combination of the word "Shabbos" (שבת) meaning the Sabbath day of rest, and goy, which literally means "a nation" but colloquially means a "non-Jew" (in Biblical Hebrew "goy" means simply "a nation", but in Mishnaic Hebrew it is used in the sense of "international", i.e., "a non-Jew").


A shabbos goy is a non-Jew who performs certain activities which Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits a Jew from doing on the Sabbath.

There are numerous restrictions[1] and certain types of work are prohibited, such as contractor work.[2] The rabbis ruled that asking a non-Jew to violate Shabbat for oneself is generally forbidden,[3] but under certain circumstances the rabbis allowed it, especially to heat the oven on winter days in northern countries.[4] A shabbos goy is not needed where life is at stake (pikuach nefesh) or in the case where there would be a reasonable chance of danger to life (safek pikuach nefesh).

Originally, the job of the shabbos goy was often given to a poor woman, and the compensation was in the form of challah; later, money was given,[4] although not on Shabbat or not directly given to the worker, due to halakhic restrictions on hiring workers on Shabbat.

According to Ronald J. Eisenberg, "Today the proliferation of electronic timers has virtually eliminated the need for the Shabbos goy, who once played an important role, especially in the shtetls of Eastern Europe."[5]

Notable examples[edit]

Notable examples include Maxim Gorky,[4] Floyd B. Olson,[6][7] Harry S. Truman,[8][9][10] Peter Hammill,[11] Colin Powell,[11][12][13] Mario Cuomo,[13] Martin Scorsese,[11] Ralph Branca (who did not know at the time that he was Jewish),[14] Tom Jones,[15] and the adolescent Elvis Presley,[11][16] all of whom assisted their Jewish neighbors in this way. Barack Obama[17]while in the Illinois senate, had a Jewish office neighbor, who told him what he could do.


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