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Shabwa is located in Yemen
Shabwa in modern Yemen
Shabwa in the Kingdom of Hadhramaut (violet) in the 3rd century CE

The ancient city of Shabwa or Shabwah (Arabic: شبوةShabwah) was the capital of Hadhramaut at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. The ruins of the city are located in the north of modern Shabwah Governorate of the Republic of Yemen.[1]


Shabwa was first settled in 13th century BC,[2] and was destroyed by the Himyarites at the end of the 3rd century AD.[3]


Archaeological map of French excavations in Shabwa

Within the walls of the city are the remains of:[2]

  • the royal palace named Shugair
  • the temple of goddess Sian Dhu Aleen

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Coordinates: 15°22′08″N 47°01′25″E / 15.3689°N 47.0236°E / 15.3689; 47.0236