Shacolas Tower

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Nicos Shacolas Tower
Nicosia Shacolas Tower.jpg
Shacolas Tower is seen in the background.
General information
Business Center
Conference hall
LocationNicosia, Cyprus
OwnerNikos Shacolas
ManagementShacolas Group
Roof50 meters
Technical details
Floor count11 floors
Floor area7.300 square
Lifts/elevators11 floors
Design and construction
ArchitectRaglan Squire
DeveloperCostas Manglis

TheShacolas Tower is a highrise building which was completed in 1959. It was built by Costas Manglis and was formerly known as the Manglis Tower, which housed the offices of the General Engineering and Hellenic Mining Company, [1]It is located in the old town of Nicosia. It is currently the thirteenth tallest building in Cyprus and sixth in Nicosia. It is considered a hallmark of the city's old town. The first 5 floors are H&M department stores and the 6th floor is a cafeteria offering a panoramic view of the old city. The 11th floor is an observatory and museum overlooking the whole capital. There are telescopes, binoculars and a recorded feature on the history of the capital.

Museum and observatory[edit]

This museum combines a modern museum with the view of the entire city and is found on the 11th floor of the Shacolas Tower. The exhibition - a cooperation with the Leventis Museum of Nicosia and the Debenhams Group - shows photographs and descriptions of Old Nicosia, a multilingual taped history and binoculars.


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Coordinates: 35°10′19″N 33°21′41″E / 35.1719°N 33.3615°E / 35.1719; 33.3615