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Shadhahvar is a type of carnivorous unicorn in Persian folklore which resembles a gazelle with a single hollow horn. Graceful and a little melancholy, the animal stands approximately six feet tall at the shoulder, but is very thin. Dark patches mark its face, dripping down from its eyes which gives the appearance of perpetual tears. When wind blows through the horn, a rhythm is produced not unlike that from a flute. The music attracts both human and animal alike. Once an animal is near, the Shadhavar will use the opportunity to attack its prey in a vicious manner.

The Shadhavar can be thought of as an "evil unicorn". Many similarities can be drawn between the Shadhavar and the Sirens from Greek mythology that endangered Odysseus on his journey.

In games[edit]

A Shadhavar is one of the mounts available in the online text-based game Legend of the Green Dragon.