Shadow Builder

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Shadow Builder
Directed by Jamie Dixon
Produced by Daniel Chuba
Ash R. Shah
Written by Bram Stoker (story)
Michael Stokes
Starring Michael Rooker
Leslie Hope
Andrew Jackson
Kevin Zegers
Music by Eckart Seeber
Cinematography David Pelletier
Edited by Craig Nisker
Distributed by Sterling Home Entertainment
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Shadow Builder is a 1998 film directed by Jamie Dixon. It is based on the story "The Shadow Builder" by Bram Stoker. An evil Archbishop and his followers summon a demon to destroy the world, but the demon's first act is to kill its summoners. It does so in an appropriately unique manner, by turning the bodies of its victims into what appears to be solid shadow, which disintegrates at the first touch of light, any light. Light is in fact the demon's anathema. Unable to stand the slightest glimmer at its creation, the creature gains strength and solidity with each kill, allowing it a greater resistance to the light; and with it the ability to affect and control those around it, including a pack of vicious dogs. As the town is orchestrated towards its own destruction, it proceeds to hunt down a particular child. A pivotal sacrifice, necessary to complete its transition into the light, and unleash its Evil.


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