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The Shadow Cabinet of Solomon Islands is the parliamentary Opposition's alternative Cabinet in Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands is a Commonwealth realm with a Westminster system of government; the Shadow Cabinet is modelled on the British institution of the same name.

The Opposition is formally known as "Her Majesty’s Official Opposition".[1]

Current Shadow Cabinet[edit]

The current Shadow Cabinet was appointed by Opposition Leader Steve Abana on 31 August 2010, following the general election on 4 August, and Abana's unsuccessful attempt to be elected to the premiership. It shadows Prime Minister Danny Philip's coalition Cabinet.[2] Abana's Shadow Cabinet is also a coalition, albeit primarily composed of members of the Democratic Party.[3]

Stanley Sofu, initially appointed Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Development, defected to the government in December 2010.[4]

On 20 January 2011, citing dissatisfaction with the Cabinet being "manipulated by one or two people", Bodo Dettke (Minister for Fisheries), Douglas Ete (Minister for Forestry), Martin Sopage (Minister for Lands and Housing) and Mark Kemakeza (Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification) all left the government and formally joined Abana's Opposition. It was not immediately made clear what positions they might be given in a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle.[5][6]

In late March 2011, Abana resigned from the leadership of the Opposition, reportedly under pressure from certain members, and Derek Sikua was elected by Opposition MPs to replace him. A week later, Abana defected to the government, along with four other members of the Opposition (Ricky Houeniopwela, Andrew Hanaria Keniasia, Connelly Sandakabatu and Peter Tom). This split reportedly brought the Opposition numbers down to just six, of which Opposition leader Derek Sikua and his deputy Matthew Wale.[7][8][9]

Shadow Portfolio Shadow Minister Political party[10] Constituency[11]
Leader of the Opposition;
Minister for Public Service
Steve Abana Democratic Party Fataleka
Deputy Shadow Prime Minister;
Minister for Education and Human Resources Development;
Shadow Minister for the Environment, Conservation and Meteorology
Matthew Wale Democratic Party Aoke-Langalanga
Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Peter Tom Democratic Party West Kwaio
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Connolly Sandagapatu Independent North-West Choiseul
Shadow Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration John Maneniaru Independent West 'Are'are
Shadow Minister for Communication and Aviation;
Shadow Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional services
Walter Folotalu Democratic Party Lau/Mbaelelea
Shadow Minister for Culture and Tourism Seth Gukuna Independent Rennell-Bellona
Shadow Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Andrew Hanaria Keniasina People's Congress Party East 'Are'are
Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade;
Shadow Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs
Milner Tozaka People's Alliance Party North Vella Lavella
Shadow Minister for Forestry Job Dudley Tausinga Party for Rural Advancement North New Georgia
Shadow Minister for Health and Medical Services Dickson Mua Panakitasi OUR Party Savo-Russels
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Development  ? - -
Shadow Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey;
Shadow Minister for National Planning and Aid Coordination
Manasseh Sogavare OUR Party East Choiseul
Shadow Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification David Dei Pacha Democratic Party South Guadalcanal
Shadow Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace Sam Iduri Democratic Party West Kwara'ae
Shadow Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional strengthening Alfred Ghiro Democratic Party East Makira
Shadow Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs Moses Garu Democratic Party West Guadalcanal
Shadow Minister for Women, Youth and Children Affairs Silas Tausinga Party for Rural Advancement West New Georgia
Shadow Minister for Finance and the Treasury Rick Houenipwela Democratic Party Small Malaita