Shadow Dawn

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Shadow Dawn
Author Chris Claremont, George Lucas
Cover artist Ciruelo Cabral
Country United States
Language English
Series Chronicles of the Shadow War
Genre Fantasy literature
Published 1996 (Bantam Spectra)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 528
ISBN 0-553-57289-X
OCLC 38861012
Preceded by Shadow Moon
Followed by Shadow Star

Shadow Dawn is a fantasy novel written by Chris Claremont and George Lucas.[1] Published in 1996, it was the second book in the continuation of events from the 1988 motion picture Willow. Preceded by Shadow Moon in 1995, and followed by Shadow Star. This is the second book in the Chronicles of the Shadow War trilogy.


Elora is in hiding underground with a clan of Rock Nelwyns, while outside, the Maizan, led by Mohdri are conquering everything in their path. Guided by his master, The Deceiver, he has commanded the dreaded Black Rose assassins to find and bring her and Thorn to him. Something is also stripping the land of magic and closing gates.