Shadow Mountain Community Church

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Shadow Mountain Community Church
Coordinates: 32°48′15.84″N 116°54′18.63″W / 32.8044000°N 116.9051750°W / 32.8044000; -116.9051750
Country United States
Denomination Southern Baptist Convention
Style Spanish
Division California Southern Baptist Convention
Senior pastor(s) David Jeremiah

Shadow Mountain Community Church is an evangelical Christian megachurch affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and located in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego. The church celebrated its centennial in 2009.


The first meeting was held in 1909.[1] The church was founded in San Diego in 1912 as Scott Memorial Baptist Church, in memory of U.S. Army chaplain Winfield Scott.[2] As SMBC grow, Scott Memorial East was established in El Cajon, CA on Greenfield Drive. It was later renamed Shadow Mountain Community Church. The original Scott Memorial Baptist Church in North Park became Scott Memorial Community Church, then Grace Community Church. For 25 years the church was led by senior pastor and best-selling author Tim LaHaye.[3] David Jeremiah succeeded noted LaHaye as senior pastor in 1981; in 1982 he launched an international radio and television ministry called Turning Point Ministry.

In 2014 the Shadow Mountain purchased the former Grace Community Church in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego and made it into an auxiliary campus.[4][5] As of January 2015 the church has five auxiliary campuses: one in El Cajon, two in San Diego, one in Encinitas, and one in Alpine.[6]


The main ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church is their Sunday service, regularly bringing in over 10,000 people a week. Another large ministry is "Mountain High Kids," the children's ministry. It is run by Jane Lewis, about a dozen full-time employees, and about 100 volunteers. Other ministries for minors include the "CREW" middle school ministry (led by Scott Pittman) and "The Gathering" high school ministry (led by Troy Leeman). The church also has multiple foreign-language ministries, including a Spanish-speaking ministry, a Filipino congregation, an Iraqi ministry, and several others.

Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah records his sermons for his radio program called Turning Point here.


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