The Shadow of the Tower

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The Shadow of the Tower is a historical drama that was broadcast on BBC2 in 1972. It was a prequel to the earlier serials The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth R and featured several actors who had appeared in them (but in new roles). Consisting of thirteen episodes, it focused on the reign of Henry VII of England and the creation of the Tudor dynasty.


Actor/Actress Role
James Maxwell King Henry VII
Norma West Elizabeth of York
Marigold Sharman Margaret Beaufort
Derek Anders James IV
Adrienne Byrne Catherine of Aragon
John Franklyn-Robbins Sir William Stanley
Colin Jeavons Sir Robert Clifford
Michael Johnson Lord Lovell
Jason Kemp Prince Arthur
Rachel Kempson Margaret of York
James Laurenson Earl of Lincoln
Hayward Morse Thomas Atwood
Christopher Neame Earl of Warwick
Maurice Roëves Humphrey Stafford
Nicholas Selby Earl of Devon
Richard Warwick Perkin Warbeck
Joanna Tope Cicely
Gary Warren Lambert Simnel
Brian Badcoe Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke

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