Shadows (butv series)

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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 52
Running time 30 min (per episode)
Original network butv10 (Boston University)
Original release 1995 – Present
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Shadows, produced by Growling Dog Productions for butv10 at Boston University, is an ongoing episodic television series with a gothic science fiction theme. Created in 1995 by David Kalbeitzer and Pilar Flynn, this sci-fi/supernatural thriller is one of Growling Dog's flagship programs, the others being Bay State, BU Tonight, Overexposed and Inside Boston. Over 50 half-hour episodes have been produced since its debut, with Growling Dog continuing to produce one or two episodes per semester.

Dormant for several years, the show was revived in 2002. When production problems threatened the show's future, the production team decided to restructure the series, ending the serial plot lines that began in 1995. In 2005, the new format for Shadows premiered on butv10. Featuring single camera film-style visuals and a grittier, noir-ish texture, the new series focuses on a clandestine private detective firm, called simply "The Agency," run by the mysterious Jakob Resh.

List of episodes[edit]

Ep# Title Air Date
38 "Salesman" TBA

Writers: Jay Fuller & Justin K. Rivers, Director: Julia Snider, Producer: Kendal Stavros, Executive Producer: Justin K. Rivers
39 "Pest Control" TBA

Writer: Jay Fuller, Director: Marcus Whitby, Producer: Kendal Stavros, Executive Producer: Justin K. Rivers
40 "The Prisoner's Dilemma" TBA

Writer: Emma Tosch, Director: Justin K. Rivers, Producer: Kendal Stavros, Executive Producer: Justin K. Rivers
41 "Private Paranormal Investigator" Fall 07

Executive Producer: Kendal Stavros
42 "The Captives" Fall 07

Writer: Justin K. Rivers, Director: Julie Snider, Producer: An-Dinh Nguyen, Executive Producer: Kendal Stavros
43 "The Grundel" Fall 07

Writer: Jay Fuller, Director: Jay Fuller, Producer: Laura Bailey, Executive Producer: Andrew Tubelli
44 "The Brotherhood" Fall 07

Writer: Julia Snider, Director: Peter Koutsogeorgas, Producer: Andrew Tubelli, Executive Producer: Andrew Tubelli

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