All Roads Lead Home

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All Roads Lead Home
Directed by Dennis Fallon
Written by Doug Delaney
Starring Vivien Cardone
Peter Coyote
Jason London
Vanessa Branch
Patton Oswalt
Stephen Milton
Peter Boyle
Joicie Appell
Music by Korey Ireland
Waldo West Productions
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment
Country United States
Language English

All Roads Lead Home is a feature film released on September 26, 2008. Directed by Dennis Fallon, it stars Peter Boyle, Patton Oswalt, Jason London, Vivien Cardone, Vanessa Branch, Peter Coyote, Stephen Milton, and Allan Kayser.

The movie was filmed in and around Kansas City, Missouri. The movie made its World Premiere January 27 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.[1] The film has also recently been in several film festivals, and has received negative reviews.[citation needed]

Peter Boyle died before the movie's release. It was the last movie that he appeared in and was dedicated to his memory.[1]


The story is about a 12-year-old girl, Belle, who loses her mother in a car accident. She is sent to her grandfather's for releasing all of the kennel dogs where her father works. When all the animals start to get sick and die in Belle's hometown, her father's veterinarian girlfriend struggles to find out what is killing the healthy animals. When Belle's father and his girlfriend visit, Belle's dog attacks the grandfather's farmhand Basham. Because Belle is now running the farm, she decides the dog should be put to death because that is what she learned on the farm. She learns this after running away with one of her grandpa's horses, two puppies, and the dog she will later decide to euthanize. She almost dies while running away in the middle of a torrential downpour when she slips and falls and goes unconscious on a pair of railroad tracks while a train approaches. Luckily, Basham saves her. When the dog is about to die, It is discovered that the food Basham was carrying contained a lethal mold that was killing the animals. The vet goes to the factory where the food was made and fixes the problem, ending the dog epidemic. Then, Belle's rich grandpa has an inn turned into a no-kill animal shelter. And they all lived happily ever after.


  • Winner of Best Feature Drama in the International Family Film Festival[2]


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