Shady View Terrace / The Lawrence Arms

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Shady View Terrace / The Lawrence Arms
Shady View Terrace-The Lawrence Arms cover.jpg
EP by Shady View Terrace and The Lawrence Arms
Released 2000
Genre Punk rock
Label Castaway Records, Asian Man Records
Shady View Terrace chronology
Ghost Stories
Shady View Terrace / The Lawrence Arms split EP
Present Day Memories

Shady View Terrace / The Lawrence Arms split EP is a punk rock EP by the Branchville, New Jersey band Shady View Terrace and the Chicago, Illinois band The Lawrence Arms. It was originally released in 2000 by Castaway Records on CD format, and was re-released later that same year by Asian Man Records. Both are currently out of print, however all of the Lawrence Arms tracks have been reissued on the B-sides album Cocktails & Dreams.

The artwork was designed by math-nerd Ricardo Saporta

Track listing[edit]

Side 1: Shady View Terrace

  1. "I Hope You're Alone"
  2. "Guardrails Can't Keep Me In"
  3. "The Way She Felt"
  4. "Fatt"
  5. "Quiet Rides and Birthday Cards"
  6. "Kissing a Memory"

Side 2: The Lawrence Arms

  1. "A Boring Story"
  2. "Faintly Falling Ashes"
  3. "A Toast"
  4. "Nebraska"
  5. "Another Boring Story"


Shady View Terrace

  • Billy McGovern - vocals
  • Chris Lecko - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Gratcofsky - guitar
  • Joe Gratcofsky - bass
  • Paul Jaffre - drums

The Lawrence Arms

Album information[edit]