ASK Arena

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ASK Arena
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Owner Keşla FK
Capacity 5300
Surface Artificial
Built 2001
Keşla FK

ASK Arena (Azerbaijani: ASK Arena), former Inter Arena and Shafa stadium[1] [2] is an all-seater football stadium located in Baku and the home of Azerbaijan Premier League club Keşla FK. The stadium was built on the site of Termist stadium in 2011 and has a capacity of 5,300[3] spectators. The stadium surrounded by practice fields, administration buildings and four-star hotel.


ASK Arena was built by AFFA in 2001. The first match played was a 2001–02 UEFA Cup first qualifying round between Shafa Baku and Olimija Ljubljana where the match ended 0-4. First goal scored by Dušan Kosič.[4]

The stadium was one of the venues for the group stages of the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup. A Group A match were played there.[5]

In July 2014, it was announced that stadium will change its name to Inter-Arena after Keşla FK (whose former name was "Inter Baku") loaned stadium for long-term from AFFA.[2]

As the stadium changed its owner, in July 2018 it was renamed again into ASK Arena (which means Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation) for sponsorship reasons.[6]

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Coordinates: 40°24′40″N 49°53′52″E / 40.4109862°N 49.897711°E / 40.4109862; 49.897711