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Shafeeq ahmad mughal
Born India Mumbai, India
Other names Sanjay
Varun Raj
Occupation Actor
Years active 1998, 2016

Shafeeq is an Indian actor, who has primarily worked in Malayalam,[1] Telugu and Tamil [2] films.

His debut Malayalam film Love Story was a sensational hit and he was considered as a rival to Rahman, the romantic hero of Malayalam films. It was Shafeeq, who brought Break Dance movements in Malayalam films, but his subsequent movies like Naalae Njngalude Vivaham failed and he could not sustain his success.

His Tamil entry as Sanjay in Odangal also met lukewarm response. He later did low-budget films like Kalpana House.

In 90's, he rechristened himself as Varun Raj, grew a moustache and tried working again in Tamil films like Thoothu Po Chellakiliye, Padhukappu, Athipathi and Manivannan' s Gangai Karai Paattu, with little success. He has also done a Bollywood movie titled Khuli Khidki.

Partial Filmography[edit]

Year Film Role Language Notes
1986 Love Story Raju Malayalam [3]
1986 Naale Njangalude Vivaham Dileep Malayalam
1986 Aavanazhi Malayalam [4]
1986 Odangal Tamil
1987 Ishtam Tharoo Malayalam
1987 Nandhi Malayalam
1987 Ithrayum Kaalam Malayalam
1987 Mangalya Charthu Dileep Malayalam
1989 Khuli Khidki Hindi [5]
1989 Kalpana House Malayalam
1991 Thoothu Po Chellakiliye Tamil
1991 Pudhiya Raagam Gopi Tamil
1993 Kalaratrilo Kannepilla Tamil
1993 Paadhukappu Tamil
1993 Preme Na Pranam Telugu
1994 Veettai Paar Naattai Paar Tamil
1994 Shhh. Gup Chup Telugu
1995 Gangai Karai Paattu Tamil
1997 Athipathi Tamil


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