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Shafie Ayar (born 1961) is an Afghan-born activist and author.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Ayar is the author of five books: Hamasa-e-Eman, Paqnjal Hae-e-Khoneen, Nawrooze tan Behrooz, Afghanistan – Jihad and Peace, and Afghan Hearts & Minds.

John Iwasaki, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, wrote that Ayar was critical of the Afghan regime: "With Karzai able to appoint one-third of the upper house of the Afghan legislature, 'it's not democracy at all'".[2] Apart from the politics, wrote Iwasaki, Ayar saw Afghanistan in a poor state: the roads were potholed "'even on streets in front of the Capitol,' Ayar said", while "The only eggs he saw for sale were trucked in from Pakistan and Iran".[2] And while the Soviets had long gone (since 1984), "Twenty years is enough time for people to have chicken farms".[2] Shafie Ayar currently has a show on YouTube which talks about Islam and Politics.


The poet Nicholas Klacsanzky,[3][4] reviewing Afghan Hearts & Minds, wrote that "Through pleasant and conversational language, author Shafie Ayar induces the reader into a state of enjoying simple pleasures through his sincere gratitude for a life other than torture."[5]



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