Shaftesbury High School

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Shaftesbury High School
2240 Grant Ave.

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Coordinates49°51′26″N 97°13′47″W / 49.8571°N 97.2296°W / 49.8571; -97.2296Coordinates: 49°51′26″N 97°13′47″W / 49.8571°N 97.2296°W / 49.8571; -97.2296
MottoAs stewards of our communities, we lead and contribute with excellence, imagination and drive
School districtPembina Trails School Division
SuperintendentMrs. Susan Schmidt[1]
PrincipalMrs. Catherine Birch
Colour(s)Red, White & Blue             
Team nameTitans

Shaftesbury High School is a public high school located in the Tuxedo neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has a population of 750 students from Charleswood, Tuxedo and Linden Woods. They are included in the Pembina Trails School Division's International Student Program (ISP) and recently acquired the RHA Nationals Boys Hockey Team.[2]

International Student Program[edit]

Shaftesbury High participates in the Pembina Trails School Division (PTSD) International student Program (ISP).[3] Typically they host up to 40 students from all across the world to teach foreign teens Canadian culture along with teaching Canadian teens foreign culture. This also helps teach all students cultural awareness.

Scholarships and awards[edit]

Various awards and scholarships are available at Shaftesbury High School. These awards are certified by universities and the PTSD.[3]

  • Pembina Trails School Division Academic Award of Excellence
  • Pembina Trails School Division Citizenship Awards
  • Chown Centennial Scholarship
  • Shaftesbury Titans Award
  • Governor General's Award

(Note: Awards are exact names of the award handed out yearly)

Graduation requirements[edit]

The Manitoba Government requires students to meet these requirements in order to graduate.[3]

  • Minimum 30 Credits
  • Completed All Compulsory Courses
  • Minimum one Grade 11 Optional course credit and two Grade 12 Optional course credits.

Honours courses[edit]

Shaftesbury also offers honours courses which run for both semesters and is a faster pace course along with a much tougher level of work. If a student is in grade 10 they will complete both the grade 10 honours course and grade 11 course. This puts them ahead of students and gives them an opportunity to take more courses in grade 11 & grade 12. Students opt into these courses through select invites.[3]


The school competes in the following sports.[3][4]

  • Badminton
  • Basketball (females and males)
  • Bowling
  • Cross country running
  • Curling
  • Golf
  • Hockey (females and males)
  • Rugby (females and males)
  • Soccer (indoor and outdoor, females and males)
  • Track and field (indoor, outdoor, and Manitoba Marathon)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball (females and males)

Hockey teams and programs[edit]

Shaftesbury offers a wide variety of hockey.[3] There is a hockey skills academy run by Hockey Canada. Students who choose to sign up for this course will receive one credit. Students may only get a total of two credits from this program. Students are allowed to substitute gym class out with this course if they have taken this course twice already. Note: Students must take an online health class provided by Manitoba Education.

The boys hockey team participates in the Winnipeg High School Hockey League (WHSHL). Students may have to leave school early for games and/or miss entire school days for hockey tournaments. The team is coached by the hockey skills academy teacher to ensure the students receive high level training throughout their season.

The girls hockey team participates in the female high school league. Much like the boys team they may have to leave school early and/or miss entire school days for games and tournaments. The team is coached by one of the math teachers and the second hockey skills academy coach.

The RHA Nationals Boy Prep team is run by the Rink Hockey Academy. They do not follow the same schedule as normal students would nor do they follow the average hockey player schedule. They typically practice four-five times a week and games taking place on the weekends. These students may gain more exposure to scouts and possibly advanced to higher levels of hockey.

The school also offers a R1 Nationals Prep Female team.[5]

Championships won[edit]

  • 2019 - Boys Hockey Winnipeg Free Press Division[6]
  • 2011 - Boys Indoor Soccer Division B
  • 2011 - Boys Hockey Winnipeg Free Press Division
  • 2011 - Girls Junior Varsity Tier 2 Basketball
  • 2010 - Boys Varsity Basketball Division 2
  • 2010 - Girls Varsity Tier 2 Basketball

Notable alumni[edit]


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