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Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College
Shah and Anchor Group of Colleges
Type Education, engineering, private
Established 1985
Affiliation University of Mumbai
Principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel
Academic staff
Undergraduates 1440
Postgraduates 156
Location Mumbai, India
19°02′54″N 72°54′42″E / 19.04821°N 72.9116°E / 19.04821; 72.9116Coordinates: 19°02′54″N 72°54′42″E / 19.04821°N 72.9116°E / 19.04821; 72.9116

Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College[1] is an engineering college in Mumbai affiliated under University Of Mumbai. The college offers technical education to students. This college was established by the Mahavir Education Trust in 1985. The college has been graded 'A' by the Directorate of Technical Education.


Mahavir Education Trust was established in the year 1983 with the main purpose of promoting technical education. With the help of two main donors viz., Shrimati Laxmiben Karamshibhai Shah Trust and Shah Lalji Velji Anchorwalal, a Polytechnic institute under the name of Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic was started and within a year, the Mangal Textiles building located in the Ujagar Industrial Estate was purchased with the intent of starting an engineering college. After necessary modifications in the building Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College was started in that building in 1985.

The trust started the process of purchasing the adjoining vacant plot in the year 1990, the construction work for the Modern building for the Engineering College was started in 1994. The Trust was given IOD/CC for two and a half floors every successive year, on completion of construction of the two and a half floors every year. The complete building of seven floors & the stilts was ready within four years.

The new building is provided with Electronics, Computers, IT, Electronics and telecommunication laboratories and classrooms, the library and a mini auditorium as per the Central/State Government authorities (A.I.C.T.E./D.T.E.) norms.[2]

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) course offered by the University of Mumbai in August 2008. After establishing a strong brand image for itself in the engineering domain, the trust decided start management course. The funds for the development of the Engineering College are being augmented by donation from many other philanthropic business and industrialists. The Engineering College is run by the Mahavir Education Trust established for development of appropriate education in technical field.

The Engineering College is run on a"no grant" basis and is affiliated to The University of Mumbai. Mahavir Education Trust has also established Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic at Chembur which conducts Diploma Courses.[3]


Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College is located on Dr.Chotiram Gidwani Marg, Govandi at a distance of about one and half kilometer and to the east of Chembur railway station. Deonar Bus Depot is within walking distance. All laboratories, class rooms, drawing hall, students room, sports hall, administrative office are situated in a seven-storeyed building of the college.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)[edit]


The college has an intake capacity of 420 students in three branches for Bachelor of Engineering degree:

In addition to these, 10-15 diploma students are admitted each year during the second year of the bachelor's degree.

Infrastructure and Facilities[edit]

The college has furnished classrooms. Most classrooms have a capacity of around 75 seats, while with some larger classrooms with nearly double capacity. The college has an auditorium that seats 120. There is also an Engineering Drawing hall.

The college has a library with reading hall, a collection of books related to the curriculum and a few books related to self-improvement and personality development. The college library subscribes to a number of National and International Journals devoted to technical subjects to help students keep themselves updated with latest developments. The college is also a member of IEL Online where IEEE journals can be accessed. Web browsing facilities are also available in the library. The library has university prescribed text books and reference material. It subscribes to all major international journals and magazines. The library is open six days a week, and on Sundays when exams are approaching.

Canara Bank extension counter has been provided for exclusive use by the staff and students of the college and polytechnic. The in-house canteen provides a variety of food items. A gymkhana with facilities for Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess has been provided.[5]

Industrial Visit[edit]

Industrial visits to top companies in and outside Mumbai are arranged every year to give the students the real feel and unique experience of industrial working environment. It helps to provide the student an insight into the current technological advancements and gives them an opportunity to directly interact with the technocrats and thus help them to think beyond classroom education.[6]

Master of Engineering (M.E.)[edit]

Master of Engineering section in Shah and Anchor was affiliated by Mumbai University in the year 2011.

Master In Management Studies (M.M.S.)[edit]

The Masters in Management Studies (MMS) is a two-year full-time management program affiliated to the University of Mumbai and is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The program is conducted under the direction of the University with functional specializations offered in the areas of Marketing, Finance, System & Human Resources.

The college has an intake capacity of 60 students in three branches for M.M.S degree:

  • Marketing [4]
  • Finance [4]
  • System & Human Resources [4]
  • Operations [4]

Infrastructure and Facilities[edit]

The Department Of Management studies is located in the college building.

The department has a library with a reading hall. It has a large collection of books related to the curriculum and related to general management, business, self-improvement and personality development.

Apart from curriculum, the college also encourages students to actively participate in outdoor activities.[7]

Student Life[edit]

Lectures and Practicals are mainly conducted between 9.15am and 5.00pm, with an occasional early extra class. Most students engage in various technical, cultural and athletic extra-curricular activities. The expansive lobby is a hub of activity in the time the college is active, and the gymkhana often remains open after hours. There is a canteen located behind the Diploma section as well as two food stalls by another side gate that serve a variety of refreshments. The grounds behind the college also sees a lot of activity during the lunch breaks and during sports season. Most students have joined one of the three main organizations pervasive in the college. These organizations are involved in a series of workshops and seminars that the students themselves conduct. The organizations have been detailed below.

These three student organizations are the main source of extracurricular and technical activities hosted by the college.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers[edit]

IEEE-SAKEC is the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.[8] It is one of the student organizations which organize the annual intercollegiate technical symposium, Nucleus. Apart from organizing events in the college like international university fairs, technical and non-technical seminars and workshops, it organizes a yearly industrial visit to parts of the country.

Indian Society for Technical Education[edit]

ISTE-SAKEC is the student chapter of the Indian Society for Technical Education,[9] established in 2005. It organizes workshops, seminars and field trips. It is one of the student organizations which organize the annual intercollegiate technical symposium, Nucleus.

Computer Society of India[edit]

CSI-SAKEC is the student chapter of the Computer Society of India.[10] It conducts workshops during holidays for SAKEC students. The students started a CSI website and CSI magazine, Cache in March 2010.

Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers[edit]

IETE-SAKEC is the student chapter of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. The IETE SAKEC has been instrumental in bringing all the students of the college in the Electronics and telecommunication branch closer and making shah and anchor a closely knit family. It is a new organization and was made famous for its classy opening ceremony, wherein the inauguration of the organization's name (IETE-SAKEC) was done by the chairman with the help of a remote controlled curtain raiser.This is just the beginning of the many more events that would be conducted successfully by the newly christened student organisation.



The festivals conducted by the college

The college holds multiple events in its annual festival. They are broadly classified into six categories: Nucleus (the technical fest), R1 (national level robotics), Verve (the cultural fest), Marathon, Olympus (comprising all sports based events) and Portal.


Nucleus is the annual technical symposium of the college. It is jointly organised by the student bodies and the college student council. Companies like HP, Videocon, Bank of Baroda, Samsonite, Charagh Din, MTNL and Asian Paints are associated with it. It covers 50 colleges with more than 3000 students coming from all the parts of the city. Nucleus is SAKEC's annual technical festival promoting technical events and contests for all Mumbai University students. It aims to provide a platform for students to come out of their usual syllabus and experience practical knowledge.

Nucleus hosts the following events:

Technical: The technical events[11] are widely ranged, from coding competitions, events involving practical and interdisciplinary knowledge[12] and various contests[13] that explore creativity and curiosity among students.
Non-technical: There are also a variety of non-technical events associated with the festival. The prominent ones include contests that encourage lateral thinking.[14] There is also a Minute to Win it[15] based contest as well as a gaming contest.[16] Simulation events include handling a virtual IPL team and getting placed via interview.
Robotics: The robotics based events are one of the most prominent features of the technical fest. Together, the events incorporate challenges for the first three levels of robotics.
Challenges include robots playing football,[17] Pacman,[18] maneuvering through various themed courses,[19] remote maze navigation,[20] autonomous line following[21] as well as a robot battle[22] and many others.


R1 is a national-level robotics event held annually in the college grounds. Sponsored by the memorial trust of the late student Monish Gala, it consists of racing events. The first edition of this event was held in 2009, and was conceived and organized by Monish. A dirt race consisting of both wired and wireless Internal combustion engine robotic cars is held at the college ground. Being a national level event, this event sees participation from engineering students all over India.


Verve is the annual inter-collegian cultural festival of the college. It hosts events of widely varied genres.

Harmonix: One of the main attractions of verve, Harmonix[23] is a musical competition among student bands from across the city. Every year, prominent local bands are also invited to play in the event.
Nrityanjali: Nrityanjali[24] is an inter-college dance competition.
Model United Nations: SakecMUN[25] is one of the few Model United Nations being hosted among Mumbai's schools and colleges.
Intra Events: A variety of miscellaneous intra-college events take place, such as a fashion show[26] and The Apprentice.


The SAKEC Marathon began as an event held during the 2010 college festival, and has been repeated annually. Students from all over the city compete in running a mile through the roads of Chembur. This has become a key event of the SAKEC festival. The SAKEC Marathon began as an event marked to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the college, and was held during the 2010 college festival.


Olympus is the annual sports festival. Intercollegiate events range from football and table tennis to chess and Carrom. More than 60 teams from engineering and medical colleges participate in Olympus. Inter-college competitions started in 2009 and have expanded since. Intra-Olympus too consists of a variety of sports and games ranging from outdoor games like Cricket, football and volleyball to indoor games like chess and Carrom.[27]

Web portal[edit]

Nucleus also hosts a variety of web-based games and events that require on-line participation. These include Google Whack,[28] CodeChef competitions,[29] Web Hunt[30] and Virtual Stock Exchange.[31]


The college emphasizes on the overall development of the students’ personality through participation in various sports and cultural activities along with the routine academic curricula. Students participate in various inter-collegiate events and have won several accolades for the institution. During the year 2007-08 five SAKEC students represented the Mumbai University in the ‘swimming’ event. Every year the college organizes the ntercollegiate sporting event Olympus to give opportunities to students to demonstrate their extracurricular skills.[6]

Campus recruitment[edit]

Recruiters include consulting, engineering and software development firms. Major recruiters include Tata Consultancy Services, Mastek, Wipro, Syntel, iGATE, Blue Star Infotech, Amdocs, Oracle Financial Services Software (Previously iFlex), Indus Valley Partners, Mphasis, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, GE Energy, Vistaar, Webaroo (Now SMS GupShup),Godrej infotech.

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