Shah Ghouse Café

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Famous Shah Ghouse Haleem

Shah Ghouse Café
Shah Ghouse Cafe
Restaurant information
Owner(s)Mohammad Rabbani, Mohammad Ghouse Pasha
Food typeHyderabadi cuisine
Street addressShalibanda

Shah Ghouse Café is a popular hotel located in Shalibanda, Tolichowki,Raidurgam Biodiversity Hyderabad, Telangana, India.[1] It became popular for its Hyderabadi haleem in a short time.[2][3] The restaurant is also for its other Hyderabadi delicacies like the biryani, Paya etc.

The Restaurant[edit]

The restaurant’s proprietors are Mohammad Rabbani, Mohammad Ghouse Pasha and Mohammad Irfan.[4]

On 13 December 2016 it was reported that there were allegations of traces of dog meat found in the food served by the restaurant. Later a man was found guilty for spreading this rumour. Hyderabad cyber crime police arrested an MBA student from the old city of Hyderabad for spreading defamatory content against Shah Ghouse hotel. The accused, V Chandra Mohan (22), spread the message that dog’s meat was found in Shah Ghouse restaurant. Shah Ghouse hotel and restaurant near lbnagar junction is not at all related to shah ghouse cafe of shalibanda or toli chowki. It's a namesake of the original and is using the brand name. [5]