Shah Ismail Shaheed

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Shah Ismail Dehalvi
Mendicant at the grave.jpg
Mendicant resting at the grave of Shah Ismail Shaheed in Balakot, Pakistan.
Born 26 April 1779
Died 6 May 1831

Shah Ismail Dehalvi was an Islamic scholar and a warrior in the jihad proclaimed by Syed Ahmed Shaheed with Pushtoon tribes support against the Sikh kingdom in Punjab in the 19th century.[citation needed]


Shah Ismail Dehalvi was killed on 6 May 1831 during a fierce battle.

Literary Works[edit]

  1. "Al-Arba'in fi Ahwal-al-Mahdiyin"[1] (Containing Ahadith about the Imam Mahdi and a poem of Shah Nimatullah Wali). The copy is a print of Maktaba Misri Ganj (Kalkatta) 25 Muhharram 1268 (1851).[2]
Gravesite of Shah Ismail Shaheed's Tomb
Grave of Shah Ismail Shahid 
Grave of Shah Ismail Shahid as seen from ground level 
Grave of Shah Ismail Shahid seen from the place he got martyrdom 
The battle place of Balakot over Satbane fontain 


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