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Shah puri is one of the dialects of the Punjabi language. It is spoken in Sargodha Division [1] of Pakistani Punjab.[2]


Shahpuri can be described as a mixture of Majhi, Pothohari and Thalochi dialects. Shahpurias in the Khushab area speak this dialect in a more Thalochi tone while those in southern parts of its distribution have color of Jhangochi on their language.[3]

It is mostly spoken in Sargodha and Khushab Districts.[4][5] It is also spoken in neighbouring Mianwali,Jhang,Chiniot Mandi Bahudin and Bhakkar Districts. It is mainly spoken on western end of Sindh River to Chennab river crossing Jehlam river.[6] This entire area has almost the same traditions, customs and culture. The Shahpuri dialect of Punjabi has several aspects that set it apart from other Punjabi variants.[7]


Its name is derived from former Shahpur District (now Shahpur Tehsil, part of Sargodha District). It is also called Western Punjabi.

Differences in Punjabi Dialects Standard (Majhi), and Western (Shahpuri)[edit]

English Majhi or Standard Punjabi.

(Central Punjab of Pakistan)

Shah puri.

(Centro Western parts of Punjab Province)

What, This Ki, Ae Kay, Ay
How much, This much, That much Kinna, Inna, Unna Kitna, Itnna, Utnna
My, Your, His, Our, Yours, Their, Of Mayre, Tayra, Oda/Osda, Saada, Tuada/Tuwada/Tuhaada, Onaanda, Da Mayra, Tayra, Usda, Asaada/Saada, Tusada/Tuhaada, Uneenda, Da
Me, To you, Him, To it, Us, To you, Them, To Maynoo, Taynoo, Onoo, Aynoo, Saanoo, Tuanoo/Tuwanoo/Tuhanu, Onaannoo, Noo Maynoo, Taynoo, Usnoo, isnhoo, asaanoo, Tusaanoo, Uneennoo, Noo
I am, You are, He is, We are, You are, They are (going) Mae aan, Tu ayn, O ay, Assee aan/Assaan aan, Tussi/Tussaan o O, O nay (Jaa nda/day (plu) ) Mae haan, Tu hayn, Oo hay, Assaan haan, Tussaan ho, Oo hin (Ve aynada/ay (plu) pya/ay )
I was, You were, He was, We were, You were, They were Mae saan, Tu saen, O si, Assee/Assaan saan, Tussi/Tussaan so, O sn Mae ahus, Tu aahayn, Oo aahaa, Assaan assay, Tussaan aahay, Oo aahin
I shall take, You will take, He will take, We shall take, You will take, They will take Mae lae aanga, Tu lae aynga, O lae ayga, Assee/Assaan lae aangay, Tussi/Tussaan lae aaogay, O lae aangay Mae lae aysaan, Tu lae aysayn, Oo lae aysi, Assaan lae aysaan, Tussaan lae ayso, Oo lae aysn
Go, Come, Happen, Take away, See Ja, Aa, Ho, Lae Ja, Vekh Vnj, Aa, Ho, Lae vnj, Dekh
Boy, Girl, Women, Man Munda, Kuri, Znaani/Budi, Banda Chor, Kuri, Budi, Banda
From, A lot, Then Toon, Bot/bara/wawa/chokha, Fer Toon, Bo, Vat
One, Two, Nine, Ten Aek, Do, No, Das Hekk, Do, Naa, Daah

Sub-dialects of Shah puri[edit]

  • Standard Lehnda (Shah puri)
  • Rohi being a mixture of thalochi and shah puri (Mianwali District)

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