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For the Islamic creed, see Shahada.
Distinguish from Shahad town in Thana district in Maharashtra state.
Shahada is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 21°32′35″N 74°28′09″E / 21.5429691°N 74.4691462°E / 21.5429691; 74.4691462
india  India
maharashtra Maharashtra
District Nandurbar
Elevation 138 m (453 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 61,376 [1]
 • Density 267/km2 (690/sq mi)
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 425409
Telephone code 91-2565
Sex ratio 954 /
Literacy 86.62% [1]

Shahādā (Devanagari: शहादा), one of the 6 Tehsils in the Nandurbar district, is a town situated in the northwest corner (Khandesh Region) of Maharashtra state in India. Shahādā town was in Dhule District until 1 July 1998, when Dhule district was divided to create Nandurbar District.[2] Shahada is especially known for educational facilities and religious village Dakshin Kashi which is 14 km from Shahada.


Municipal Corporation Shahada

Prakasha village, which is around 15 km south-west of Shahada, is the second most important excavation site in Maharashtra. In 1955 B K Thapar on behalf of Archaeological Survey of India excavated site near confluence of Tapi River and Gomai River. Excavation exposed 17 meter deep occupational deposit – hammer stones, restricted use of copper, low grade bronze dating back to 1700 BC.[3] Around 6 km north of Shahada there are several centuries old sculptures complex in Gomai River. The main sculpture is popularly known as Mahavir sculpture and the entire sculptures complex is popularly known as Pandavleni or 'Panch Pandav'.[4] This evidence suggest that Shahada and area on the banks of Gomai River has been inhabited at least since 1700 BC. Shahada-Kukdel municipality was established in the British period, in the year 1869. As per 1961 the census population of Shahada was 13338.[5] As per census 1991 the population of the shahada city was 31,892, which increases, as per census 2001, up to 49,696 and as per census 2011, increases 61,376. Shahada name can known as local gurjar meaning saadha bhada means simple.


Circle frame.svg

Religion in Shahada City (2011)[6]

  Hinduism (60.77%)
  Islam (35.55%)
  Christianity (0.56%)
  Sikhism (0.07%)
  Buddhism (0.78%)
  Jainism (2.18%)
  Other Religions (0.003%)
  Atheist (0.07%)

As of 2011 India census,[7] Shahada had a population of 61,376, being 52% male and 48% female. Shahada has an average literacy rate of 86.62%, higher than the national average of 74.04%: male literacy is 90.67%, and female literacy is 82.40%. In Shahada, 12.95% of the population is under 6 years of age. Languages/dialects spoken in Shahada town and Nandurbar districts are Marathi, Ahirani, Gujar, Hindi.

Geography and climate[edit]

Shahada is on average 455 feet above sea level. As the Satpura Mountain Range just 30 km north of Shahada, the bedrock is on an average 5 metres below the ground level. Due to natural or human-made underground caves, the ground at Savalde village, 5 km away from Shahada, caved in during heavy rain during August 2006 and caused an earthquake of magnitude 2.8 on Richter Scale on 10 November 2006.[8] As seismograph stations are installed away from traffic to avoid false-positive results from ground vibrations, Shahada's seismograph station of the Sardar Sarovar Project is installed in the same village.[9]

The soil above the bedrock is good for farming except in some areas. Average rainfall is 552 mm.[10] The climate is hot for most of the year. Maximum temperature reaches up to 48 °C in summer and minimum temperature fall up to 9 °C in the winter. The climate of Shahada is on the whole dry except during the south-west monsoon season and winter months December to February. The year may be divided into four seasons. The cold season from December to February. Hot and dry season from March to June. The south-west monsoon season starts from the last week of June and last up to the end of September. The post-monsoon season October and November remains hot and dry.

List of villages in Shahada taluka[edit]

  • Adgon
  • Akaspur
  • Alkhed
  • Ambapur
  • Amode
  • Anarad
  • Aslod
  • Aavge
  • Aurangpur
  • Bahirpur
  • Bamkheda
  • Bamkheda Ts
  • Bhade
  • Bhagapur
  • Bhongara
  • Bhortek
  • Bhulane
  • Biladi Th
  • Biladi Ts
  • Borale
  • Bramhanpuri
  • Budigavon
  • Bupakari
  • Chandsaili
  • Chikhali Bk
  • Chirde
  • Chirkhan
  • Damrkheda
  • Dandhare Bh
  • Deur
  • Dhurkheda
  • Dogargoan
  • Damalde
  • Dondwada
  • Duadkheda
  • Fattepur
  • Fes
  • Godipur
  • Gogapur
  • Gonar
  • Hingani
  • Hol
  • Islampur
  • Jam
  • Javade Tb
  • Javade Th
  • Javkheda
  • Jaynagare
  • Junavane
  • Kahatul
  • Kakarde Kh
  • Kakardedigar
  • Kalmadi Tb
  • Kalsadi
  • Kalumbu
  • Kamarawad
  • Kanadi H
  • Kanadi Ts
  • Kansai
  • Karajot
  • Karankheda
  • Karjai
  • Kauthal Th
  • Kauthal Ts
  • Kawalith
  • Khairve
  • Khopaskheda
  • Khatharde Digar
  • Khatharde K
  • Kheddigar
  • Khargon
  • Kondhaval
  • Kochara
  • Kondhaval
  • Kothali
  • Kouthal
  • Kukawal
  • Kurangi
  • Kurhawad Ts
  • Kusumwada
  • Kudhavad
  • Lagadi
  • Lohare
  • Lokkadkot
  • Limbole
  • Londhare
  • Lonkheda
  • Madkani
  • Malgaon
  • Manarad
  • Mandane
  • Manmodya
  • Mhasawad
  • Mohida
  • Mohide Th
  • Maloni
  • Mubarkpur
  • Nandarde
  • Nandarkheda
  • Nande
  • Navalpur
  • Nombhore
  • Ozarte
  • Padalda Bk
  • Palaswada
  • Pari
  • Pimapri
  • Pimparde
  • Pimprani
  • Pingane
  • Pipodod
  • Prakasha
  • Purushtom N.
  • Pusanad
  • Rampur
  • Ranipur
  • Raykhed
  • Sajade
  • Sarngkheda
  • Sawkheda
  • Sawade
  • Shahada
  • Shahane
  • Shelti
  • Shrikhed
  • Siruddigar
  • Sonawal Ts
  • Sonwal Tb
  • Sonwad
  • Sultanpur
  • Sulwada
  • Talwadi
  • Tarhadi Tb
  • Tawali
  • Tembhali
  • Tembhe T.s A
  • Thembe Th
  • Tikhore
  • Titari
  • Torkheda
  • Tuki
  • Untawad
  • Vadali
  • Vaijali
  • Virpur
  • Vadachil
  • Wadgaon
  • Wagarde
  • Waghode
  • Wardhe Ts
  • Warul Kanadi

New Aslod


Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Sugarcane,[papaya], bananas, cotton, maize, jowar, wheat, food plant etc. are the main crops harvested all year round. Villagers from nearby towns come to Shahada for shopping or health treatment. Hence Shahada town remains busy with many shopping markets. Major shopping markets are Purushottam Market No.1, Purushottam market No.2, 64 Gaala Market, Kashinathbhai Market, Pushpkamal Market, Shibaam market. Shahada town has branches of Government-owned banks – State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, Dena Bank, Bank of India, Union Bank of India. The reputed private bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank has also its branch in Shahada town. Apart from these banks, there are few local bank. Mahaveer Patpedi, Dhule District Central Co-Operative (DDCC) Bank Ltd is notable among local banks and listed by Reserve Bank of India.[11] Only State Bank of India & Union Bank and ICICI Bank has automated teller machines.

Life insurance cover is provided by life insurance companies. Life Insurance Corporation of India, which has over 2048 branches in India, has its branch in Shahada town since August 1988. Private life insurance companies Reliance Life Insurance and SBI Life Insurance has recently started life insurance business in Shahada.


Municipal Garden, Shahada

Shahada town has many hospitals which can treat conditions including heart attack, accidents, etc.

Shahada Municipality makes sure that mosquito-borne and water-borne diseases do not spread in the town and that the town remains clean. There is a municipal hospital to treat poor people and emergency accident cases. Anti-venom injections are not available in any medical shop and it is available in Municipal hospital. All compulsory vaccines for children are given by the municipal hospital.

Transport and communication[edit]

  • Road: One can reach Shahada through Dhule (84 km away), which is well connected with the DhuleNandurbar road. From Dhule, one can reach Shahada by going straight on the Mumbai-Agra highway NH-3 (National Highway) to Songir (Dhule) and at Songir turn left and you will be on MSH-1 (Maharashtra State Highway). The distance from Mumbai is approximately 424 km.
  • Railways: The nearest railway stations are Dondaicha (c. 30 km away) and Nandurbar (c. 35 km away). These stations are on Bhusawal-Surat Railway line. This line is used by people for going to or coming from Gujarat
  • Telephone: Until 1994 Shahada town had only one STD booth and landline telephone calls were limited to Shahada town only. Since 1995 the number of STD booths started growing and almost every road had an STD booth. Since year 2000, BSNL allowed landline calls to any place in Maharashtra. In the year 2005, BSNL started first cellphone tower. And by the end of year 2006, Shahada town has cellphone towers of almost all major mobile companies like AirTel, Vodafone, BSNL, Idea, Reliance, Tata. Due to increasing number of cellphones, STD booths and landline telephones are decreasing rapidly.
  • Internet: Shahada town is well connected to Internet. Major Internet Service Provider is BSNL. Other cellphone companies like AirTel, Reliance also provide wireless GPRS facility to connect to Internet through cellphone and desktop computer. There are 5–6 Cyber cafe in Shahada town.

General information[edit]

A rare view in Shahada – Helicopter and rare event in Shahada – Rahul Gandhi, first visit to Shahada in known history by someone in the Gandhi family
  • Shahada is linked to one of the most important events in the history of India. The aadhar card yojna was started in from Shahada! That is Lonkheda which is only 4 km away and now considered almost an outskirt of Shahada. There the scheme was made available to people for the first time. And the Congress head Sonia Gandhiji and also ex prime minister Manmohan Singh was present at the time. The year temperature remains average 35 °C, the daily life of Shahada town remain slow. Most of the people prefer shopping in the evening. Like all other towns in Maharashtra, power supply remains off daily for around four hours.
  • The main source of entertainment of Shahada town is television. Most of the channels can be seen through cable network and satellite dish. Shahada town has only two cinemas, named Manoranjan and Yashwant. As the theatre has satellite receiver and projector, people can see movies on the day of release. Almost every Hollywood blockbuster movie, dubbed in Hindi, makes it to the theatre.
  • This otherwise town becomes alive during festivals like Navratri, Dipawali, Holi, Ganesh Utsav, Eid. As there are few Christians in Shahada town, Christmas is celebrated at the missionary area but remains unnoticed to people in the town.
  • Several of North Maharashtra University's professors live in Shahada.

Dr. Pankaj Gokul Pawar is the incumbent Chief Officer of Shahada Municipality.


There are many colleges and schools in Shahādā: '''Sr.Arts Mahila mahavidyalaya,shahada

Admin Building of Shahada Engineering College
Poojya Sane Guruji Vidya Prasarak Mandal Polytechnic College Shahada
    • College of Pharmacy[14]
    • College of Management
    • Kanjibhai Vitthalbhai Patel College of Agriculture[15]
Krushi Mahāvidyālay Shahādā (Horticulture College Shahādā). Shahādā spelled in Devanagari
    • College of Education (BEd and D. Ed)[16]
    • College of Science, Arts and Commerce[17]
  • Two other Junior Colleges:
    • Vikas (Kai. Sau. G.F.Patil) Junior College
    • Municipal Corporation Junior College
  • Shri Saibaba Bhakta Mandals
    • Junior College of Education, Mhasawad Tal: Shahada[18]
  • T S K V S Commerce College
  • ST Co-op Educational Society's, Shahada[19]
    • College of Science and Arts[19]
    • Junior College of Education[20]
  • Vasant Dada College
Main Building of Vasant Rao Naik Jr/Sr College Shahada
  • Satpuda Shikshan Prasarak Mandals.[21]
    • College of Arts Mahila, Shahada
    • Vasantrao Naik Arts & Science College, Shahada
    • Vasantrao Naik Junior College, Shahada
  • Mahatma Gandhi Shikshan Prasarak Mandals[22]
    • Adhyapak Vidyalaya[22]
  • Kalpataru Shaikshanik Seva Mandals
    • Junior College of Education[23]
    • College of Arts
  • There are also three or four English medium schools in Shahada.
    • Chavara English Medium School
    • S. A. Mission English Medium School
    • Shri Mahavir English Medium School
  • There are many good Marathi schools also.
  • There are Ideal Sports Academy which conduct several sports event Academy operated by Noble Education and Welfare Sty.


There are many mandirs in Shahada town .

  • Rokadmal Mandir at Undavad is one of the famous temple of the god Hanuman. Hundreds of thousands of people visit on every Saturday and on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.
  • The most devoted mandir is Dada Wadi Jain Temple and Saptashrungi Nivasini Mataji Mandir. Hundreds of people visit this mandir every day. Especially during Navratri and Vijayadashami thousands of people visit this mandir.
  • Another beautiful recently constructed mandir is Ambaji Mata Mandir.
  • Prakasha village, one of the famous religious places, also known as 'Dakshin Kashi', is also in this Tehsil. The temple of Prakasha is very old.
  • One of the famous temples of the god Shree Ganesha (Heramb) is at Jaynagar, 24 km away from Shahādā. Hundreds of thousands of people visit on the occasion of Mangli Chathurthi.
  • Datta temple is at Sarangkheda. Every year a big fair is organised there.
  • Hingani is a small village situated at the boundary of Shahādā taluka and Shirpur taluka. People there conduct the Mahavakya and Mahakavya of the Mahanubhava panth. See Hinagani Panchayat.
  • There are Pandava leni in the Gomai River at Shahada.
  • Damerkheda – on the bank of the Gomai river, 10 km from Shahada on the Nandurbar road with the renowned structure of Ashtavinayaka Ganesh temple.
  • Bamkheda T.T., on state highway AnkaleshwarBurhanpur, 23 km from Shahada, a renowned place
  • Shahada have most developed masjid also like Sunni Jama Masjid Kukadel, Jama Masjid, Madina Masjid, Garib Nawaz Masjid, Faizane Ameere Hamza Masjid etc.etc.

and it also has Madrasatul Madina operated by Dawat e Islami.


Shahādā has:

Other notable places in or near Shahādā[edit]

Unapdev – Hot Water Spring in Shahada
  • Toranmal is the 2nd coolest hill station in Maharashtra state and is near Shahādā (approx. 40 km). It is the second highest place in Maharashtra, and its coolest place; there is the Yashwant Lake which is natural and full of flowering lotus; many people think that it is one of the best place for holidays.Located in the Satpura range, Toranmal is a beautiful yet hidden(unexplored) hill station. The last 30 km to Toranmal is exciting with a beautiful lake view just ahead of Ranipur Village. The ghats provide some adventurous riding opportunities with interesting hair pin bends and a forest like ambiance. At 1400m above sea level and no cellphone network, it is a fine choice for that perfect getaway from the city.
  • Unapdev (25 km from Shahādā) is a pleasant picnic point in Shahādā tahsil. It is famous for a permanent natural hot water source, which always flows even in hot summer. It always had water coming from a structure in the shape like a cow's mouth, until the river side structure was destroyed partially by a flood caused by a heavy rainfall in the region in June 2007.
  • Mhasawad, is situated in the northwest corner (Khandesh Region).
    • Kondhaval Fort made by Gurjars in Kondhaval village and farms in kondhaval at haran beidi (deer hill) is nice destination for photography and site seeing.


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