Shahba Mall

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Shahba Mall
Shahba mall1.jpg
The main entrance of Shahba Mall
Location Aleppo, Syria
Opening date 2008
Owner Kurdi Group and Sabbagh Group
Total retail floor area 130,000 m²
No. of floors 5

Shahba Mall (Arabic: شهباء مول‎‎) was one of the largest shopping malls in Aleppo and Syria. It is located In the northwestern Blleramoun suburb of Aleppo, 6 km away from the city centre. It included a large number of fashion stores, mobile phone vendors, Carrefour retailers, restaurants, indoor amusement park, carting circuit, 7 cinemas halls, 4-star hotel with 220 guestrooms and many other facilities.[1]

The mall was damaged during the Syrian civil war clashes.[2][3] It has closed indefinitely. According to a 2015 article in the Guardian, the mall had served as a prison while it was under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[2]


The shopping mall consists of 5 floors:[4]

  • Underground floor: home to Carrefour retailers, bank branches, cafés, pharmacies, optics and electronics shops.
  • Ground floor: mainly home to fashion wears of several international brands.
  • First floor: mainly home to fashion wears, cosmetics and many other shops.
  • Second floor: mainly home to children's wears.
  • Third floor: home to the food court, the indoor amusement park and 7 cinema halls.


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Coordinates: 36°15′29″N 37°05′45″E / 36.25806°N 37.09583°E / 36.25806; 37.09583