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Coordinates: 27°51′0″N 67°54′0″E / 27.85000°N 67.90000°E / 27.85000; 67.90000 Shahdadkot (Sindhi: شھدادڪوٽ‎, Urdu: شہدادکوٹ‎) is the most populated and largest town of Qambar Shahdadkot District of Sindh, Pakistan. Most of the land around Shahdadkot belonged to Tunio,Wadho,Bhatti, Khuhawar,Brohi,Magsi,Khoso, Jarwar, Chandio and Seelra communities . Khuhawar tribe is known for its generous contributions for the town , having the highest land holding by any tribe, donated town plots for development and prosperity of the town , such as for library, graveyard, public schools, SGS gas office, stadium etc to the government.Late Khan Bahadur Pir Bux and his son Sardar Muhammad Bux Khuhawar have remained notable donors. Shahdakot is named after Shahdad Khan who is believed to be Khuhawar. Its full name Shahdadkot came from the strong historical relations between the two communities i-e Khuhawars, and Silra's, and to highlight contribution of Silra community for the city. Shahdadkot has a population of around 400,000 people. It is located around 44 kilometres northwest of Larkana and 32 kilometers north of Kambar. It is situated at the border of Sindh and Balochistan at the north west of Sindh.It is also famous due to tomb of great Sofi Hazrat Mian Ghulam Siddique Mekan.

Nader Magsi and Ms Faryal Talpur are at present members of Provincial Assembly and National Assembly respectively from the constituencies of Shahdadkot elected in General Elections of 2013.The town was also the constituency of the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, and the former minister of Balochistan, Dr. Tara Chand. Sultan Ahmed Khuhawar had also remained MPA elected in General Elections of 2002

The Magsi tribe is originally belonged to Jhal Magsi district across the border in Balouchistan.The said tribal community like other Balouch communities gradually migrated to Shahdadkot and other surrounding towns within passage of more than hundred years

Mian Dato Khuhawar is believed to be a Sufi Saint and the Commander-in-chief of Kalhoras Army roughly during the time when Napoleon was in power in France. His tomb is in the outskirts of Sehwan Sharif.

Rural area of Shahdadkot was badly affected by the great flood in 2010 however the town was saved with the joint efforts of local inhabitants and Pakistan Army.[citation needed]

Shahdadkot is one of the hottest places in Pakistan.[citation needed] In summer, temperature raises upto 52 °C (126 °F). The humid and hot weather promoted cultivation of peddy/rice crop, making Shahdadkot the second largest rice market in Sindh province.The town is of economic importance as it is situated along Ratodero & Guwadar High Way.It is also linked by road with Shikarpur, Sukkur, Larkana,Kamber, Miro Khan ,Qubo Saeed Khan, Garhi Khero, Khuzdar and Ustad Muhammad town. Rice and Wheat are major crops of its area. More than 50 Rice Husking Mills are situated within local limits of its Tahsil .Kotoo Motoo chowk is the center of the town which was named due to toy shop of two persons of Hindu community late Kotoo Mal and late Motoo Mal.

The town has several Government and Private educational institutions including Govt Degree college, Government Girls College, 2 Govt.High Schools for Boys and one for girls and several primary schools etc.It is sub divisional head quarter having four Courts of law including the court of Additional Sessions Judge.

The official name of railway station of Shahdadkot is Silra Shahdadkot as one large thickly populated village of Silra community is situated in its close surrounding.The railway station has become defunct for last two decades


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